Perfect & stylish heart pendants for Valentine's Day

Perfect & stylish heart pendants for Valentine's Day

Perfect & stylish heart pendants for Valentine's Day

Soon, all lovers will celebrate Valentine's Day – a tradition to give little gifts or prepare special presents. Most men get into panic because of lack of ideas. Dear guys – jewellery comes to the rescue. Still don't know what type of jewels delight your lady and does she like heart pendants? "FJewellery" prepared tips for your Valentine's Day conundrum!

Does your girlfriend like such things?

These are the basic questions. The heart pendant is a small thing, appealing to ladies. In the past they were confusingly similar, today jewels stores are surprising with the offered models’ creativity. The upcoming holiday inspired us to take a closer look and pick the prettiest! We bet you will find a new favorite one.

Pay attention to your girlfriend's style and you'll find out if purchasing a piece of jewellery is a good idea. Do not worry if your beloved is not a fan of necklaces and pendants. Maybe she likes earrings instead of pretending she is in love with a silver heart necklace? You know your partner better than anyone, so a little self-confidence and the present will be a blast!

A ring chosen not for an engagement may be misunderstood. The necklace is an excellent alternative then. Gold, silver, and made of combined metals, single or double, smooth, with wings or floating cubic zirconia, engraving or additional symbolism – heart-shaped pendants are a whole separate jewellery category!

  • Minimalistic jewellery is a great choice for a woman, who prefers modest and delicate mini accessories. It is elegant and universal. Both everyday outfits and the gala arrangement go well with it. The restrained design adds charm, emphasises the values of the owner.

In the case of such tiny accessories, our products are based on a delicate chain complemented by a symbolic pendant. It will fit both a t-shirt and a casual shirt on a daily basis. Even in the case of elegant office look, it will complete its task.

  • Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe used to say that "diamonds are a girl's best friend". Diamond and colored natural stones (red ruby, blue topaz, yellow lemon, or blue-violet tanzanite) are created for women focused on the highest quality and value luxury products. It is the perfect choice for women to prefer jewellery distinguished by quality. Diamonds are minerals with a high market value, so such jewels are treated as an investment.

Check the designs and models of diamond earrings we have prepared in the online store. They are characterized by a unique style that impresses from first sight.

  • Engravings are unique every day. It's an excellent opportunity to give a dedicated heart-necklace or a made of gold chain with a name-pendant. It becomes more than a simple decoration, as it helps to express feelings and keep them for a longer time.
  • Heart shape pendants paired with infinity signs are available in our catalog. It is a fashionable motif, willingly worn by media women. Men often choose such necklaces as a present for a beloved lady, wanting to express the strength and durability of feelings.
  • A store offers a heart-shaped locket, presented in the distant era of romanticism, decades ago with curls, pictures, images, a flower petal, or even letters with a love confession inside. In childhood, girls dreamed of an unusual heart with a retro photo inside. Broken in two half and worn by two closed people, like James and Laura Palmer in the Twin Peaks series. Of course, women appreciate such a 2 piece gift from a boyfriend or husband.

Silver has reigned continuously for centuries and has stolen the women's hearts. A delicate necklace subtly emphasises the neckline and adds charm to a girl. You may pick popular ones that say “love”, or beautiful classics with dainty natural stones.

The popular and cheap designs are (as in the case of key rings, earrings, or silver bracelets) puffed hearts, alluring lips, or tilted inscriptions like "kiss" or "love". If you've bought your loved one a necklace, it's time to buy heart pendant. If the selected present goes to a man – you find a big selection of bracelets.

Kill two birds with one stone

Sometimes loving couples decide to buy a gift for themselves together. . It is tempting to choose a pair of matching necklaces with similar minerals or pendants. The choice of a joint present for a couple is extremely moving – a pendant in the shape of two matching halves of a heart, divided in half and worn by a couple "for a pair". The bull's eye gift is jewelry with two hearts connected – a sign of your unbreakable relationship.

The "FJewellery" assortment for sale is endless – gold, silver, double, or triple flat hearts on short or longer made of gold chains with different hollows, weaves, or in the form of large objects. They can be solid, engraved, decorated with stones. The slogan "heart" opens at the jeweler a world full of ready-made inspirations for a Valentine's Day gift. Choose an ornament that makes your beloved shine with delight!

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