Men's accessories guide

Men's accessories guide

Men's accessories guide

Since ancient times and in various cultures, decorations made of real noble metals have been an exclusively male privilege, demonstrating their strength, valor, social status and significance. These traditions have passed the test of time and have been preserved for us, which is true, in a slightly modified form. Today, such jewellery doesn't so much keep that semantic load in itself, but emphasise the contemporary status and style of its owner, his character and dignity. We invite you to dive deeper into the world of gent's precious decorations and, together with FJewellery experts, learn all the secrets behind the strictness and conciseness of male looks. Join now, it's interesting and informative with us!

What is the purpose of buying accessories for guys?

There are only two most logical answers to this question:

  • You are a guy who is eager to improve his style, show his character and declare to himself through stylish modern attributes.
  • You are a girl who is looking for a flawless and special gift for the man you love the most.

Both options offer unlimited possibilities and in the huge assortment of gent's products you can easily find something exclusive and worthy of the greatest man. However, the key role in the selection is always played by the individual preferences and wishes of the guy, his tastes and moods. The ideal jewel style should be your calling card if chosen wisely, and in this guide, we will give you tips on how to do it.

The right choice of accessories can add masculinity, sophistication, elegance or boldness to the image - it all depends on your goal, i.e., whether it will be graceful and delicate accents or bright and spectacular jewellery that immediately attracts attention. You will become better versed in precious stones and metals, design features and the nuances of their combinations, get a lot of new ideas and inspiration to create your own unique collection or find the right present. This will be relevant both for beginners in the jewellery topic and for the most experienced connoisseurs, so let's not delay!

What kind of jewels do men wear more often?

There is no consensus on this issue - some guys prefer to use fewer accessories, while others more boldly mix different styles and use the full potential of their wardrobe. But if we talk about the really most popular elements that are present in masculine images more often than others, then these are:

And each attribute has its own meaning. So, watches are used to demonstrate the status and wealth of their owner, rings are a symbol of luxury and obligations (as in the case of a marriage one), and cufflinks are a tribute to vintage chic and the best addition to formal and solemn attire.

The second category includes slightly simpler, but no less popular products, such as:

They are suitable for both casual and more formal looks, adding precious flair where needed.

And the third category is more contemporary attributes that are more to the liking of true fashionistas who closely follow trends. This is about:

It cannot be said that these decorations don't belong to male or aren't suitable for solid images, but nevertheless they are slightly less common, but this makes them even more tempting. The FJewellery catalogue contains both classic and more original models from all three categories, and we invite you to decide for yourself what is more relevant for your style and wardrobe.


It's not just a pretty piece of jewelry for guys, but also a great investment and highly functional item. In addition, they vary greatly in designs and there are a huge number of them on sale, ranging from the most familiar golden classics to familiar items with leather straps to more modern and even sporty models with many interesting functions. If you know exactly what style is right for the recipient of your gift or if you are buying for yourself, that's great! Otherwise, start with the most traditional options - it's always a win-win solution!


This accessory must be a truly luxurious present if you pick up the right model. This isn't a plain attribute, but a symbol of chic and sophistication, which can show a lot about its owner. Such jewellery isn't worn every day, but is used only in certain occasions and society.

Golden cufflinks are a whole philosophy - men treat them with reverence and this is extremely important to consider. Their range is large and knowing the preferences, it's not difficult to select the flawless model. For connoisseurs of the classics, these are gold items with patterns or diamonds; for men who prefer originality, these are cufflinks with a complex mechanism and a mechanical clasp; for collectors - designer models with logos of famous brands. There is an option for every taste! And believe us, such a gift will be the most special for him, better than any phrases, it will tell about your feelings and show care!
By the way, gold or silver elegant tie clips can be an ideal addition to such a decoration - the set always looks more interesting.


There are several categories of men's rings in demand, and perhaps the most famous among them is the wedding one. There is no need to go into details and paint all the nuances here - couples select such accessories according to their own tastes and often make them to order, as they crave their love symbol to be truly unique. But recently, the fashion for another unusual rings has returned to us, which can be attributed to this topic, and now we want to talk about them more specifically.

Promise rings

There are people who call them engagement, while others don't give clear definitions, but put a special meaning into such a gift to a dear person. The tradition of giving such jewels to a beloved guy originated many centuries ago, but later it was somewhat forgotten. Today, this custom has gained a second chance and continues to gain momentum in its popularity. Increasingly, girls want to make the groom a pleasant surprise, something valuable and unique that will connect them both and reveal women's feelings much deeper than just words. Any design is suitable for such a ring - you personally know much better what your loved one will like and what precious style can conquer him. The most popular choices among our clients usually appear:

  • golden or platinum rings;
  • massive products with diamonds;
  • designer items with engravings.

Signet Rings

Perhaps this is the most iconic and recognisable style of male decorations. For a long time, it was believed that such products are intended exclusively for guys, however, a few centuries ago this was actually the case. The history of these accessories is very long and interesting, rooted in the depths of the Egyptian, Ancient Greek and warlike Roman civilizations - you can read more about all the vicissitudes associated with these jewels from other articles on the FJewellery blog, and at the same time explore our assortment of these bands in search of the most ideal option.


Very frequent guests in the modern gent's wardrobe, and therefore deserve attention. These accessories are simple and concise, focus on attention and immediately transform the look, making it more masculine and stronger. By the way, many girls are sure that the presence of a bracelet on a male hand makes the image sexier!

Classic mens models include chain bracelets with massive links and wide bases. There are quite a few knitting options and they are all very strong and reliable. Among the popular materials dominate:

Guys choose hard bangles less often, but for special connoisseurs this can be a sophisticated addition to the collection.

Chains and other neck paraphernalia

These jewels have one special feature that positions them completely different from all others - the ability to adapt to different looks and styles, which makes them truly the most versatile and practical addition to any outfit. A simple silver chain, a voluminous themed pendant or a sacred religious symbol - the choice is incredible and diverse, and therefore you can pick up a piece or assemble a kit for any individual taste.

Types of weaving men's chains, as a rule, are simple and uncomplicated, they are dominated by conciseness and strength, because they must look elegant on their own and also be able to withstand even the heaviest decor.

With regard to pendants, the range is even wider, among them there are many thematic products, such as:

  • marine;
  • animalistic;
  • sports;
  • musical;
  • religious;
  • and so forth.

St Christopher

This is a really common choice as a precious present for guys. In old times, it has been a symbol of protection and a kind of amulet. In our blog, we have already written the history of these pendants, and you can learn more about their origin and available models on the FJewellery website.

Dog tag

A highly personalised accessory that is traditionally associated with mens looks. Initially, such pendants were used by soldiers, but later this custom acquired a more sentimental connotation. After the war, necklaces were often kept in families as a memory of a close family member and passed on to the next generations. Today, this jewel has become a symbol of a strong bond between two loving people and is a great present with meaning. Any word, text or even a photo can be engraved on a rigid metal plate - a truly exclusive and valuable thing.

Gents earrings

This fashion was laid down by the Egyptian pharaohs, and it has passed more than one millennium, but has survived to this day. At different periods of history, such decorations were considered both an ideal male attribute and an inadmissible one - contradictions only kindle interest. Thanks to the hip-hop and rock artists of the last decades, this trend has experienced a new surge and has become much more free and easier to perceive in society. More and more boys are choosing such decorations for themselves as a way for freedom and self-expression, which only increases their range and brings them to the level with other, more traditional items.

In our collection, we have presented many models of studs for boys and other more voluminous options - here you will find both the most minimalistic products, and truly extravagant and original ones.

Looking beautiful and status is the reality of contemporary men, and precious attributes are designed to help in this matter. Today we have revealed to you the veil of secrecy over the most common male jewels, but this topic is too broad to cover it entirely in one article. We hope that we have given you the necessary food for thought, and you will stay with us to continue to study the most interesting facts and stories from the world of precious treasures. We are waiting for you in the FJewellery store to explore the new and the unknown together! Welcome!

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