Most important day

Most important day

Wedding day

What is the most special and exciting day for lovers? Of course, their upcoming wedding day! And we all understand that it requires impressive costs. But we at FJewellery have found some effective and smart ways to make this day cheaper, but keep its charm. And we're happy to share these ideas with you.

7 ideas to cut wedding expenses without compromising on quality

There're many wedding traditions and in trying to follow them all without compromise, we lose the pleasure of the process of organizing this magical event. But you just have to change your vision a little and this day will sparkle with new unexpected colours, and you will get a wedding that others only dream of!


Choose unpopular dates. On such days, the cost of renting a venue for a holiday will be much lower. Also, the costs for service personnel, ordering flowers, renting vehicles, etc. will be significantly reduced. For example, avoid celebrating on Saturday as this is the most common day of the week for such an event and all prices will be grossly overpriced.


The venue of the event must be booked well in advance. And the sooner you do it, the cheaper it will cost you. Instead of expensive hotels and restaurants, consider outdoor locations. And if your parents or you yourself live in a country house - this is a huge plus! The wedding can be held right in your garden without spending money on rent.

Wedding rings


Your budget will also be significantly reduced if you buy second hand wedding rings and other accessorise for the bride and groom. The purchase of used jewellery is gaining more popularity - because they look very stylish and sophisticated. And most importantly, such products will be unique, since they exist in a single copy!


It would be logical to shorten the guest list as well. Don't invite too many simple acquaintances, distant relatives or work colleagues. This holiday is very special and only the closest and dearest people should be nearby, who will share your happiness with you. An ideal guest list looks like this:

  • parents,
  • sisters and brothers,
  • the closest friends.


Get creative and DIY some wedding decorations. Hand-made invitations and envelopes look very cute, and your guests will definitely want to keep them as a keepsake. In the same way, you can do:

  • table decorations,
  • cards for seating guests,
  • details for serving,
  • small gifts for guests,
  • bouquets of fragrant wildflowers, if the wedding takes place in a warm season.


You shouldn't buy an expensive dress and suit for newlyweds, because you will probably not use them in the future. It's better to rent such things. So, you can shine at the wedding in luxurious outfits and not overpay for it.


Find beginners: photographer, florist, videographer, chef, catering master. Such people, as a rule, don't require large fees for their work, and they always have fresh, interesting and atypical ideas. But keep in mind that they don't have much experience either, so make an appointment in advance, discuss in detail the entire plan of the event and ask to show the existing portfolio. If you are organizing a cozy family celebration, you can also do without a wedding organizer. By the way, ask your friends - perhaps they themselves are doing something similar or can advise an inexpensive and good professional.


There are other ways to save money on such an important day without sacrificing your dream. Discuss with your partner and decide what is most important to you and what both of you can easily refuse. If you have friends or acquaintances who recently got married - consult with them, and they will surely share their ideas and experiences with you.

Try to take care of everything in advance. Think about which dresses you like the most, and then you can choose a suit for the groom. Find and save interesting sites for renting clothes and other things you need. And the most delightful pre-owned jewellery and rings you can find and order in the FJewellery store! And remember, the more you save on your wedding, the more money you have left for an awesome honeymoon!

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