Retro fashion is here again!

Retro fashion is here again!

Retro fashion is here again!

We all know how repetitive and cyclical trends can be - things that were trendy decades ago are climbing the fashion pedestals again, while something ultra-contemporary is quickly forgotten. And this has its own special charm - you never know what item from your long-forgotten collection will be useful to you tomorrow and it's so interesting! The FJewellery team also didn't stay away from this issue.

We have studied all the most popular trends and have prepared for you a selection of accessories that have returned from the past and have taken their place of honour in all the tops. Without a doubt, they will be relevant in the coming seasons, and therefore this information will come in handy for you! Read now and perfect your looks with us!

Vintage and retro - precious styles are back in business!

Recently, the demand for bright paraphernalia from the crazy 70-90s has increased significantly. This finds expression in clothes, accessories, even makeup and hairstyles - people tired of boring images are looking for self-expression in bold outfits and catchy details. However, these decorations are still changing - contemporary designers are finding many ways to breathe new life into retro jewels and give them another chance to manifest. They experiment with materials and textures, their combinations and shades - they get products that are really worthy of attention and sink into the hearts of fashionistas of all ages.
We bring to your attention only some of these spectacular trends, and we hope that among them, you will find unique solutions for your wardrobe.

Chunky hoop earrings

These decorations have been reflected in many ancient cultures, and it isn't at all surprising that they are again winning the attention of the public. Beautiful, noticeable, elegant - they transform any look and become a very effective accent. Noble gold and classic silver are an integral part of such hoops, but today quite a few bright details are added to them, such as inserts from coloured gems, voluminous pendant elements, massive clasps, etc. A laconic and simple accessory is transformed and becomes a leader among the vintage jewels of our time.

Name plate necklaces

At one time, these jewelleries made a splash - of course, anything could be engraved on them, and it became no longer a simple chain, but the most personalised style detail. Names and surnames are only a small part of what was depicted on them, and today there are even more opportunities. Such plates are encrusted with stones, jewellers put whole drawings and catchy quotes on them, cover them with fancy textures and add volume - it's difficult to imagine greater freedom in the manifestation of one's fantasies! Such a necklace can be an excellent gift for a friend or loved one - you just need to use your imagination!

Massive golden accessories

Another trend that has returned to us from the 90s and found a second life in contemporary precious art. Large link chains, chunky bracelets and stiff mesh bangles are just the tip of this amazing iceberg and trust us, you'll be thrilled to dive deeper into these waters! If you are looking for variety for your images, this is a win-win option, and besides, a great financial investment, because such golden items weigh a lot and can be a great investment, even if fashion changes its course again.

Themed jewels

Precious accessories with hidden meanings have been popular at all times. The peoples of many ancient civilizations used such attributes to emphasise their social status or, without words, to express their intentions and goals. Large opening lockets with riddles, beautiful bracelets with charms, voluminous engraved rings - any jewellery can be given a sacred meaning, if that is the purpose. This is an ideal present for the closest person, the essence of which will be clear only to you two.

Y2K accessories get a second chance!

Dazzling retro chic is not only characteristic of the end of the last century - the beginning of a new era was marked by the most amazing designs and fashion solutions that you can imagine. From the 2000s, acid neon shades, velour costumes, multicoloured blazers and juicy hot jewellery of all shapes and sizes return to us! Perhaps you remember those huge plastic earrings, transparent bracelets and bright flower rings? So, they are with us again and have become even more unique - now they are precious and luxurious! Take a look, we have collected the best of them in the FJewellery catalogue!


Cool and bold necklaces from our past are back in a new format! Now these aren't plastic weaves around the neck, but precious decorations made of the most noble metals and genuine gemstones. They go great with long chains and are often used as a base in stylish layered stacks. You can use them in different ways, but their beauty still captivates fans of futuristic looks from the 2000s!

Non-ferrous accents

Juicy and rich shades have become a classic of millennial fashion, and now they are more relevant than ever! This category includes all jewellery with coloured crystals, cartoonish precious enamel inserts, large ceramic decorations with textures, and so on. The more childish and fun an accessory look, the more it attracts attention - exactly what fashionistas need today! And if it's also decorated in a chic precious frame - you won’t find better!

His majesty's pearls!

No matter how strange it may sound, but this trend also resonated in the hearts of fans of non-standard solutions from the 2000s, and today it's more than in demand. However, we aren't talking about modest and elegant pearl earrings, as from the paintings of the Renaissance. Rather, we are talking about large necklaces, big golden rings of extravagant shapes or voluminous crosses completely covered with sparkling mother-of-pearl. This is what distinguished such jewellery then, and what attracts them now.

Floral and animalistic motifs

Surely, you remember these multi-coloured hairpins in the form of bizarre animals or blooming flowers - in the next seasons this will still be relevant, only their materials and shapes will change. Large brooches in the form of butterflies, large buds of ruby ​​roses in the ears and animal pendants studded with dazzling crystals - this is how designers present these motifs to us today, and it looks amazing! Do you want to remember the attributes that you liked so much as a child? This is your chance!

Geometry in every detail!

Do you remember this crazy pop-punk style, with sharp spikes on the neck, studded bracelets and massive heavy chains? There was a demand for this again, but in a more aesthetic form. Elegant rings with black diamonds, sharp triangular studs, wide box chains, leather bracelets with silver and many other beautiful accessories that can be found on sale today. Do you want to make your image as bold and daring as possible? Buying a couple of these gizmos will be a win-win decision!

If you, like us, cherish the memory of those magnificent times and want to revive these images and introduce them into your modern wardrobe - we invite you to explore the range of FJewellery boutique and find your exclusive retro treasure! Welcome!

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