Only the most interesting about diamonds

Only the most interesting about diamonds


It's a unique gem that amazes with its luxury and brilliance. And in the hands of an experienced jeweller, it turns into the most beautiful and desired attribute - a true work of art. And in the online store Fjewellery you can buy yourself such an artwork! The catalogue on the website contains the widest selection of accessories - here everyone will find a product to their liking. But let's find out in more detail how gemstones are priced and how to choose the right one.

What are the 4 c's of diamond quality?

A gemstone rating system consists of four main indicators:

1. Carat

This is the weight of a crystal and is equal to 0.2 grams. The carat got this name thanks to the seeds of the carob tree. The thing's that these seeds have a constant mass and since ancient times they have been used as a measure of scales, and in the Ancient East, jewellery merchants measured precious gems with these seeds.

9ct White Gold 0.07ct Diamond Heart Pendant

There are three weight groups of diamonds:

  • small (weight up to 0.29),
  • medium (weight up to 0.99),
  • large (1 carat and more).

2. Colour

There is a universal international system GIA, according to which the gradation of colours is estimated from letters from D to Z.

Colourless diamonds are categorized as D, E and F and are the most expensive. Only a highly qualified specialist will be able to distinguish brilliants of this highest category. G-H is the second category. They are also quite valuable, but they have a slight yellow tint, which is why their cost is lower. All other jewel from I to Z belong to the group of inexpensive colourless gems.

Gemstones of fancy colours are also highly valued and the darker they are, the higher the cost of such a crystal. There is a special rating system for them.

Pre-Owned 14ct Rose Gold Champagne Diamond Signet Ring - 11G

3. Clarity

This is a parameter that shows the presence or absence of internal and surface defects of the stone, foreign inclusions in its structure. This is an important criterion that affects the quality of the gem and its cost. Even the smallest high-grade brilliant will cost more than a large, low-grade gem.

4. Cut

The quality of the cut of a crystal is much more important than the shape, and this parameter is the most important of the four. Here, the quality depends on the amount of light that the surface of the gem reflects. A flawlessly cut diamond can reflect up to 99% of the light.

There are many ways to cut diamonds and they are classified under the same GIA system, which divides them into several categories from Ideal to Poor.

9ct White Gold 0.25ct Diamond Cluster Pendant

All these 4 C's of diamonds qualities are always indicated on the jewellery label. And on the website Fjewellery, you can find them in the description for each model with gems. Now you know how to choose the right accessorise with a high-quality brilliant, and you can please yourself or your loved one with a precious gift!

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