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14kt gold chain is a versatile accessory that looks very expressive and will become the highlight of your entire look. They are considered unisex and are suitable even for kids. They are also perfect for everyday wear and go well with almost any images - a truly unique decoration! And you can buy chains at the best prices on the Fjewellery website, where the largest assortment of precious products is presented, and they have a pleasant discount, as well as many interesting promotional offers and bonuses for both new and our regular customers. Welcome and let's find the perfect accessory for you together!

Chains 14 carat

What types of chains are there?

Let's start with the fact that there’re several manufacturing methods:

  • Stamping. This is perhaps the simplest and cheapest way. In this case, each connecting link is prepared in advance (stamp) and during the manufacturing process they aren't soldered together. Stamped chains aren't very strong, and therefore not durable and the demand for them is quite low.
  • Machine knitted. This method allows the creation of very thin elements and greatly simplifies the work of the jeweller, and the decorations looks very elegant and delicate - ideal for kids and young ladies.
  • Handmade. This is a very painstaking job, which is done only by the most experienced master jewellers. These products are considered the most solid and reliable, and are not very cheap. These are the decoration that are in the greatest demand and sell the best.

In addition, there are many types of weaving:

1. Anchor. Weave type that’s considered to be so reliable that it can withstand any tension. It has several subspecies:
  • Classic. Consists of oval-shaped parts connected perpendicular to each other. To enhance the gloss, the edges of the links are processed with diamond cut. The accessory turns out to be very voluminous and sparkling.
  • Rollo or Belzer. Very thick, made in the same way as the classic version, but using round parts. There is another name - Chopard. This is the name of a famous jewellery house that often uses this model in its collections.
  • Flat belzer. The links are also oval, but hollow. However, their strength is just as high.
  • Garibaldi or Double Roll. In this case, not single, but double small round elements are used. The weave looks very dainty and flexible, but at the same time strong.
  • Venetian. Another interpretation of anchor weaving, which uses wide and flat pieces that are rectangular or square. In ready-made form, it seems that the 14 carat​ piece of jewellery consists of small golden boxes, tightly interlocked with each other.
  • Corded. Such decoration looks like a tourniquet or twisted rope. Each detail includes several others and thus intertwines with the following.
2. Armor weaving. Its name is due to its strong resemblance to medieval knightly chainmail. Also, there are variations:
  • Basic. Weaves from round diamond cut elements lying in the same plane. A fine decoration option for everyday wear.
  • Nonna. A very elegant and feminine accessory that consists of parts of different sizes, nested inside each other, and seems very delicate and airy.
  • Figaro. It has a very unusual design - oval and round details alternate in a certain sequence, creating an interesting pattern. Usually, in the jewellery catalogue in the description of such a product there are numbers (2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1), which mean the frequency of alternation of elements. Another name is Cartier, in honor of the famous brand, which is considered the ancestor and popularizer of this type of weaving.
  • Snake or Cobra. All elements are located very tightly to each other, and the jewellery is very smooth to the touch, without irregularities and roughness - just like real snake skin. There are also several types of snake: round, flat and square.
3. Bismarck. This is perhaps one of the most popular and difficult weaving methods - with its help the most beautiful, voluminous and heavy accessorise. The elements are located in different planes and are securely fastened, forming a perfect flat surface. This method gets its name in honor of the first chancellor of Germany. Its other names are Kaiser or Cardinal. Most often, this weaving is made by hand and therefore have a particularly high worth.
  • Arabic Bismarck. This model is very similar to Arabic script - hence the name. The 585-gold base especially emphasizes its beauty and radiance.
  • Moscow Bismarck. A perfect 14 ct gold chain, the links of which don't fit tightly to each other, due to which a feeling of lightness and airiness is created. Lovers of delicate and elegant jewellery will be able to value this type of Kaiser.
  • Python. A more sophisticated variation of the classic Cardinal. The pure aurum decoration turns out to be very wide and openwork, due to 3 rows of intertwining links. Such a name because from a distance it resembles the skin of a python.
  • Byzantine or Royal. A very beautiful knitting method that uses round, spiral or square parts. Such jewellery seems very expensive and luxurious, and will go great with a natural gemstone pendant.

Each of these weaving methods is unique and situationally suitable for different styles of clothing. And you can find all these options for sale on the website of the Fjewellery boutique! But before buying the model you like, you need to know exactly which option will be the most ideal.

Gold chains 14ct

A few tips for choosing and operating

If you are picking up a 14 karat gold chain for a gift, you should take into account the individual characteristics. Usually, girls prefer more graceful and lighter accessorise that are worn with pendants or lockets. Therefore, when choosing decoration for her, you should pay attention to thin but durable models that will look good in a set with other precious items. Men prefer larger accessorise, which they wear as the only accent in their outfit. Therefore, the decoration for him should be more massive and stricter.

14ct gold chains are the perfect base for any set - they go well with just about anything, for example:

It's also important to measure the required length of the product in advance so that the jewellery doesn’t turn out to be too short or vice versa. On the neck, it should hang freely, without causing any discomfort. You can easily determine the length you need at home using an ordinary sewing tape or thick thread and a ruler.

Also, don't forget about a secure clasp. It should open and close without much effort, but at the same time be strong and not open on its own so that the product doesn't get lost. The most reliable are:

  • carbine,
  • box clasp,
  • toggle.

Taking care of your jewellery is also a very important point. Therefore, when buying, you should clarify the way to clean the accessory and what products you need to use for this. And if you plan to wear it all the time, give it to a jeweller for professional cleaning and polishing at least once a year.

Chains 14 carat

Having picked up the ideal model, the question usually immediately arises - "how much cost?". You always need to pay attention to the characteristics and description, because the cost directly depends on the total weight of the product. It will be convenient and profitable to buy 14 kt gold chain in the online store F-jewellery, where you can place an order without even leaving your home. We always care about the quality of our products and your comfort. Enjoy the shopping!