Blue jewellery for the wedding of your dreams

Blue jewellery for the wedding of your dreams

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The fashion for wedding jewellery, in which the main role is played by blue gemstones, is quite understandable. It is believed that the blue colour brings good luck on the wedding day. Therefore, jewellery with blue gems of different saturation is in great demand. To answer all your questions, FJewellery has gathered in one place all the options you might consider for your special occasion. So go for it!

A bit of backstory

It is believed that there is something in common between the tradition of wearing something blue for the holiday and the old English saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in a shoe." In addition, the colour blue symbolises fidelity and purity. It also protects against the evil eye.

Maybe that's why, or for some other reason, blue is a fairly frequent guest at weddings. And it doesn't even have to be blue. Just a couple of touches are enough to make an accent. It could be shoes, a brooch on your dress, a beautiful blue necklace or a set of earrings and a ring.

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So if you think you need something new, jewellery can fulfil that role. They will also do the job of "something blue". Let's get the review started! We've selected what we think are the best jewellery options in blue hues. All gemstones are beautiful in their way, and you can choose according to your inner sense of style. Bright and juicy sapphires will be a good accent, gentle aquamarine and topaz will add zest, and topaz will emphasize the outfit.


A blue aquamarine in a white gold setting is the very essence of tenderness. They can be set with diamonds or consist of a single mineral and an elegant clasp. Either way, they look flawless. And we know that this is how a wedding should be.

You can complement the earrings with a beautiful aquamarine necklace or a ring with a rather large central stone. You will already attract attention as the protagonist of the event, but with such a set of jewellery, you are guaranteed a sensation.


One of the most popular options when it comes to wedding jewellery. They shimmer wonderfully in the sun and artificial light. This gem looks great in white and yellow gold and pairs well with clear gemstones like diamonds.

You can buy a ready-made set or pick something individually for your outfit and atmosphere. We are sure that this is one of the best options when it comes to a sapphire blue wedding.


Another favourite of brides. As you know, topaz can be many different things: yellow, brown, red or pink, but for a blue wedding, jewellery with a blue stone is perfect. They look simply magical! Jewellery that uses blue topaz in different shades (from delicate to saturated) will also work. This option will help you create a bright, cheerful and at the same time very feminine and delicate look.


A gemstone that has only recently appeared in jewellery stores. But it immediately captivated all fashionistas with its unmatched brilliance and an amazing palette of blue hues. It's beautiful in white gold, but it's also beautiful in beautiful yellow. In holiday tanzanite sets it is quite often combined with diamonds. It looks very festive! In addition, this mineral brings good luck to everyone born in December. Therefore, it can be not just a piece of jewellery, but a talisman that will protect the wearer from all sorts of troubles and help to harmonize life in all aspects.

Bright jewellery

Several approaches allow you to create a beautiful look at your wedding, and if you're the kind of person, who wants to shine, consider bright evening jewellery.

First, it's a great investment that will save you money and slightly increase your investment in the long run. Second, you will look gorgeous. Jewellery with bright sapphires and diamonds is a great choice. Some options will make you feel like a queen without having to invest a fortune. For example, silver jewellery with cubic zirconia. The pieces can combine deep blue zirconium and clear zirconium. It looks magical.

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Design option

The classics are a win-win option. But we recommend not stopping and looking at a collection of jewellery made in a modern style. It is always very unusual and interesting. The same blue minerals are used here: sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine and zirconium in cold tones. Jewellery can be made of gold (rose, white, yellow), platinum, and silver. The main concept of such jewellery is the search for something new, and this applies to all components: shape, a combination of materials, and gemstones used. It can be very fresh and stylish.

Especially for you, the FJewellery store has a special section for choosing wedding jewellery. It is very convenient. In addition, our concierge is always ready to help you create the best look. He knows the whole assortment and will be able to choose an exclusive option for you.

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