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There are many things in jewellery that have a special meaning. For example, men's St Christopher pendant. It is a jewel with a history that has been used for many years by travellers, sailors, and those who love adventure and drive. It's an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful talisman as a gift for their loved ones or who want to protect themselves. The FJewellery online shop offers a vast range of such pendants. We are sure that you will find the perfect jewellery for yourself or as a gift in our assortment.

What does the pendant with St Christopher mean?

Some consider him a fictional character. The second belief is that such a person existed. According to legend, he was of enormous growth and unprecedented physical strength. He devoted his life to ferrying all comers across a dangerous and stormy river. He is also known as the Christ-bearer because he once ferried little Jesus Christ across the river. He was canonized and became a favourite saint of those seeking protection under challenging situations, travel, dangerous adventures, military service. St Christopher pendants for men became a symbol and a kind of cult amulet for those who conquered the waves - surfers in the 50s - 60s of the 20th century.

Mens St. Christopher Pendants

Why such a gift is perfect for him

Today, such a pendant can be found in different designs:

  • from different materials: gold and silver;
  • with gemstone and without;
  • to wear on the neck or on the wrist;
  • the pendant can be massive or airy;
  • with or without an inscription.

All jewellery is made in the same style. St Christopher pendant for men is a round or oval, less often rectangular, pendant with the image of a saint. Sometimes, an inscription along the contour reads: ‘St Christopher protect us’.

Most often, such a pendant is chosen for gents. Furthermore, this is no coincidence. Mostly men were engaged in fishing, hunting, going far on ships, travelling, became warriors. It was male work. Their loved ones always gave them a talisman for good luck. One of them was the St Christopher pendant.

You can give such a gift even today because it is universal. You can wait for an important occasion or please your loved one right now. This pendant goes well with many modern jewellery pieces, such as the mariner bracelet. When you choose a set (chain and bracelet), pay attention to the fact that they must match the type of weaving.

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