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Compared to jewellery for her, male accessories seem rather limited. At the beginning of times, men were those who traditionally wore a lot of precious pieces as a sign of their high status in the society. Decades after, the situation is rather different, but a fashion for designs for him comes back again. A mens 14k gold ring with diamonds is a pretty unexpected yet gorgeous option to prepare for your beloved one. With the help of FJewellery experts, your experience will be second to none.

Divergence of Male Designs in the Market

Accessories for gents are multi-advantageous. First of all, this alloy is durable and bright enough. It doesn’t tarnish or corrode over time, which allows consumers to wear them daily. Secondly, they are worth it. Such durability requires its cost, but goods in sale make prices more affordable and, therefore, beneficial.

Moreover, 14 carat gold is flexible to enable jewellers to create plenty of masterpieces:

  • Signet bands with gems — it is a traditional option for him. Strict lines are smoothened by diamonds or alternative gemstones.
  • 14 karat knot rings — Celtic patterns are extremely fashionable and stylish these days. They are not only beautiful, yet meaningful. If you are looking for a gorgeous present for your other half, a combination of a 14 ct band with pendants St Christopher will bomb it.
  • Rolex-style rings — since 14 kt gold is soft and solid at the same time, manipulating its shapes to the desired result may be more divergent than it seems. Such an allusion is a nice solution for people who aren’t sure whether accessories are much appreciated by their partners/fathers/friends.
  • Rings court shape — elegant simplicity is welcome to be on your shopping list too. The assortment of delicate models for men is impressive. The size of the metal part is convenient to wear in different life situations. They are gorgeous when it comes to adding designs to create a stunning ensemble. Trace chains and rings gold coated will win the battle for you.

diamond rings made of 14 carat gold

Where to Buy Accessories for Him

All in all, FJewellery is a universal shopping platform for customers. Aside from 14k gold diamond ring mens layouts, interested parties are welcome to search for exclusive deals to complement each and every taste, regardless of the age and gender of the target recipient. Male models don’t have to be brutal and minimalist only, and that fact is proven by our digital catalogue. Thanks to rich filters and detailed pictures, you will know remotely how this or that layout “sits” on your fingers.