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Everyone loves jewellery and gemstones, especially if they matter. This is exactly the option offered by the online store FJewellery. You can find gift ideas for her and him in our assortment. And one of the most popular options is, of course, a birthstone initial pendant. Everything is great about such a piece of jewellery: the value, the cost, and the presence of the birthstone.

Features of an initial pendant with birthstone

Talismans and personalized jewellery are two of the most popular categories. In the first case, the best option is an accessory with a gemstone corresponding to the month of birth. It is believed that the presence of the mineral will help the wearer in all endeavours, will attract good luck and protect against negativity.

The second option is accessories that have meaning for the wearer. Not just a pendant, but a pendant in the form of a letter, which is the first letter of the name, last name or a word that means something - a great option. In our catalogue you can find a model in this design:

  • The emphasis is on the letter. This can be a small pendant in which the letter is entirely cast in precious metal. A single mineral or a small group of minerals can act as decoration. And it can also be a letter in which the casting is made of precious metal and the entire body of the ornament is encrusted with precious stones.
  • A token with a letter. There are several options here as well. The first is a token with an embossed or engraved letter. The second is a token with a carved letter. The third type is a frame in the form of an oval, circle or square, in the body of which the letter is inscribed. The inlay can be a single gemstone or a loose gemstone.

All of these options are beautiful in their way. They look great on the neck. You can always see all the nuances of the models in the pictures.

Birthstone Initial Pendants

It is best to wear them on a chain of small thickness. Any weave will do, for example, something of serpentine chains or another option.

The items in our store are made of gold of different carats and silver. The gold can be pink, white or yellow. So you will definitely be able to find something original for your style.

What are the advantages of such a product?

  • This is your piece of jewellery. It will have meaning for you (the letter of your name, the name of a loved one, or an important word to you).
  • This is an inexpensive piece of jewellery, even if your birthstone is a luxurious diamond, it won't cost too much.
  • It goes with any style. Evening look, solemn occasion or just going to work. It is always appropriate. Sometimes this pendant is worn on a bracelet and on a chain around the neck. Such a variant looks appropriate and cute. It can also be combined with other jewellery, such as dress bangles or diamond crosses.
  • A versatile piece of jewellery. There are many options in the sale, so you can always buy a gift for mens or women of any age.

The FJewellery online store offers these and other accessories at an attractive price.