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Gents don't have a lot of jewellery to wear. Of the most popular: a chain on the neck, an earring, a ring, and a watch (bracelet). The chain can be with or without a pendant. One of the most attractive options in the first case would be a man's initial pendant. Why? It is stylish, beautiful, and mysterious and carries a certain meaning that can only be known to the owner. The FJewellery online store offers a large assortment of such jewellery at an attractive price.

Features of an initials pendant for men

For an accessory to please you, it must have several characteristics. This jewellery, undoubtedly, has a lot of advantages and none of the disadvantages. Let us describe only some of them.

Mens Initial Pendants

The model is made of quality materials

The choice is quite impressive. If you like white metal, there are models in white gold and silver. In the first case, the shine is quite strong, and in the second - somewhat matte. This is a matter of taste. If you prefer the classics, there is an initial pendant for guys in yellow precious metal. Jewellery can be coated with rhodium. It provides a uniform deep shine. Just remember that such a coating must be renewed from time to time. About once a year. To do this, it is enough to visit a jeweller.

It has a different design

There are several models in our catalogue, and they all deserve your attention. There are two options:

  • Letter. It is a letter made of an alloy. It can be without minerals and decorated with one or more gemstones. Such a variant looks stylish and neat. The full inlay is also possible. This is a great option if you like glitter.
  • Tag. In the case of a tag, it is a record. It can be rectangular, square, round or oval. The letter can be lined with minerals or engraved. Both options look very stylish.
  • Frame. In this case, the initial pendant looks like a frame of precious metal of any shape, and a letter is inscribed in it. It turns out a very light, openwork version. If you don't want to reset the image, this is your option.

Gemstones used in the product

The gems can be anything from simple and unpretentious zirconium to luxurious diamonds. It all depends on your ability and desire to wear a particular mineral. If you are looking for a gift for him, you can pick up a mineral, which will be inlaid with a pendant according to the month of his birth. In this way, a simple gift will turn into an amulet. It can be garnets, sapphires, transparent diamonds and any other option of your choice.

Can be combined with any jewellery, as the pendant complements any style

Despite its small size, the jewellery will perfectly complement any look. If you wear any kind of jewellery, something from mariner bracelets, earrings, or diamond signet rings, a pendant on a chain of any type of weave, such as something from belcher chains, will look great. Even if it's the only piece of jewellery on your body, it will look cool!

Costs cheap

The price depends on the amount of material that was used to create the pendant. A more massive piece will cost a little more. Gemstones will also increase the price of the model. A pendant with diamonds will cost a little less than one with zirconium or topaz. In addition, you always have the opportunity to buy any item at a discount (we always have seasonal and occasional sales) or used items that are on sale for up to 60% off.

Easy to buy

We at FJewellery have prepared a huge collection of such cute accessories. All of them are on sale. And that means you can always find a male pendant for yourself or as a gift. If you have difficulty choosing, look at the photos and read the description. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help - just email the concierge.