Collection: Men's Rope Chains

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F jewellery is famous for having a large selection of stylish jewellery to suit everyone. Often customers order mens rope chain, which is distinguished by its versatility and sophistication. In the store, you can buy elegant jewellery at an affordable price, which makes it possible to save money.

Features of choice

When choosing the best gift for him, several factors must be considered. It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the product, the type of metal used, shade, coating, and proof.


There are many rope chains for men in sale, which differ in size. To choose the best gift for your beloved man, you should look at the length of the product:

  • 19 inches is a short piece of jewellery and would be out of place for most men due to its small size;
  • 22 inches. Will focus on the male neck;
  • 23 inches. This is a long chain that will visually slim the figure.

Particular attention is paid to the thickness of the chain. Most men like to wear thick jewellery as it enhances their status. But for a young guy who leads an active lifestyle, massive chains will not work because of their heavy weight. To eliminate discomfort when wearing, it is better to choose simple and thin products.

If a man prefers to wear a stylish product along with pendants, stopping at a solid rope chain makes sense. Its strength will withstand even massive orthodox crosses suitable for believers.

There is a wide range of chain sizes, depending on the thickness. If it is 2-3 mm, hanging a pendant on them is impossible. A practical solution would be buying a piece of jewellery 4-5 mm thick. Products with a thickness of 6-20 mm are chosen as self-decorations. Large links and volumetric weaving distinguish them, so that they will focus on themselves.

Metal option

Different types of metal are used to manufacture male rope chain, including gold and silver. The type of base material will determine the cost of the item. Gold jewellery will be more expensive when compared to silver. However, they can provoke allergies. If the man for whom you are choosing a gift is allergic, it is better to focus on silver products.

Silver and gold content

To make the chain last longer, non-pure metal is used in manufacturing. There will always be additional impurities to increase strength. The ratio in which precious and common metals are taken determines the sample. In the case of gold, the 585 assay is in the greatest demand.

Besides gold and silver, additionally, copper and palladium are added to the composition. These types of metals contribute to a change in shade. Silver, in most cases, has a 925 standard. Additionally, it contains copper.


Rhodium-plated chains of white gold or silver will look beautiful on men. It is a precious metal that belongs to the platinum group. Even though the application is carried out in a thin layer, the jewel becomes more aesthetic and acquires a cold metallic tint. This is the best solution for men who prefer a discreet and classic style.

The rhodium coating not only forms a man's individual style, emphasising his status. It helps protect the product from corrosion and discoloration. On average, the coating will last up to 5 years, after which it must be updated. To do this, you will have to contact a jeweller.

You can find a model with gilding and blackening. This is a decorative type of coating that contributes to the creation of noble jewellery. Gilding and blackening are found in twisted men's chains made in ethnic style. Diamond cut products suitable for mature and wealthy men will look beautiful because of their high cost.

Advantages of a rope chain

Among the main advantages of the product are:

  • the presence of a smooth surface, which eliminates skin irritation;
  • does not cling to the collar or hair;
  • combined with any pendants;
  • it does not require special care;
  • affordable price;
  • attractive excellent shine.

You can find stylish rope chains in the F jewellery store. The catalogue provides original gifts for men, including rings for dad or graduation rings. Given that all products are complemented by colourful and high-quality pictures from different angles, placing an order and considering all the details will be easier.

Every man will appreciate a gift in the form of a stylish rope chain. Given its structure, it eliminates discomfort during wear and also advantageously emphasises any formed image. Regardless of what material was used in the manufacture, the jewellery will suit any clothes and for any occasion.