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Silver chain for womens is an essential part of any personal precious wardrobe, thanks to its versatility. It fits perfectly with different outfits and goes with any style of clothing, mixes simply and easily with other jewelry and is well suited for everyday wear - the perfect basic accessory for her! If you are looking for something universal for yourself, or want to make a pleasant surprise for your wife or girlfriend, then this is by far the best and most win-win option! And you will find the right model in the FJewellery boutique catalogue, where we have collected the most diverse range of ladies chains from traditional to the most unusual fancy designs. Moreover, we have constant discounts and a lot of bonuses, both for new and for our regular customers, which means that you can buy high-quality and authentic jewels at a very nice price! Join now and see for yourself!

Silver Chains for Womens

A bit about history

The tradition of decorating oneself appeared long before mankind got acquainted with even the simplest method of metal processing. There is even a version that the first full-fledged jewellery appeared earlier than clothes. Many scientists agree that the earliest products appeared in the Paleolithic period, and then they were made from plain improvised materials, as evidenced by a variety of archaeological finds, such as seashells with holes, hewn and polished stones, and much more. It's noteworthy that men began to wear decorations first. In general, for a long time, various neck ornaments were precisely the privilege of men. They were massive, heavy and very large, and usually served to demonstrate status and position in society.

With the advent of the first religious beliefs, people began to craft various decorative talismans and amulets, in the form of pendants, necklaces, etc. But the most important stage in the history of jewelry began precisely from the moment when people discovered precious metals and learned how to process them.

It's very difficult to give an exact date for the start of production of chains of precious silver, but they began to be used as soon as the craftsmen learned how to forge and solder pure metal. In those days, it was exclusively manual labor, since there simply were no machine tools for this. Each link was the simplest round or oval shape, then they were fastened together and polished by hand. More complex chains of silver and other noble metals began to be made only with the advent of machine production. Then the jewelers learned to give the elements more bizarre curved shapes and began to create real works of jewelry art. The cost of such products was very high and not every person can afford such accessories - it was rather a privilege for wealthy people from the upper classes: nobility, priests, rulers.

Of course, we are pleased that in our time, sterling silver ladies chains have become much more affordable and every woman can freely purchase any accessory she likes. The contemporary assortment is so wide that it will allow everyone to find a piece of jewelry according to personal taste and budget. The FJewellery online shop presents chains of various shapes, shades and types - among such a large number it's easy to get confused, but it's simply impossible not to select the right thing! It remains only to pick up the ideal model!

Womens Silver Chains

The most popular types of weaving

There are many options for knitting a female silver chain, and each type is unique in its own way. Among the most requested are the following:

These are all classic types and subspecies, which are considered very durable and reliable, thanks to the specific methods of weaving them. However, there are more original and even unusual options, such as:

Chains are never made of pure argentum, since this metal is quite soft and easily deformed. Usually, jewellers use alloys, adding small impurities of other metals, to get the traditional 925 sterling silver. Also, a special rhodium plating is used, which protects the product from damage and gives it an extra shine.

On the FJewellery website, all products are divided into categories, and you can easily find a chain of any kind of knitting that interests you, as well as study all the characteristics of the product and view their real pictures. And if you have any doubts or questions, you can always turn to our consultants for help. Experts will advise which model to choose for each case and help determine the size.

Silver Womens Chains

How to pick up the right size

There are two main parameters that affect the choice of chain - this is the length and thickness. Not only the weight of the product depends on this, but also how the accessory will look on the neck and with what it will be more correct to wear and mix it. There are certain standards by which they are usually selected.


  • 16 inch - the shortest jewelry, which is also called chokers. They fit snugly around the neck and look very aesthetically pleasing.
  • 18-19 - short chains, beautifully emphasizing the top of the collarbones and all the graceful lines of the neck.
  • 19-21 is the most versatile size and is the perfect base for small pendants and crosses.
  • 22-24 - well emphasize the neckline and are suitable for large and voluminous decorations.
  • Over 24 inches are considered extra-long and are always worn over clothing. Such chains can also be wrapped several times around the neck, which will be very impressive and unusual.

Thickness and width:

  • 1-4 mm - thin, graceful and very delicate. Small pave crystals look great on them.
  • 4-7 is a universal thickness suitable for any decor.
  • more than 7 millimeters - thick and very voluminous jewels that is worn as an independent accessory.

To understand exactly what sizes are right for you, you can measure the neck yourself in advance, using a simple sewing tape or even a thread and a ruler. Or, you can use any jewellery that you already have in your collection and that suits you exactly in order to pick up a new one according to its parameters.

How to wear and what to combine

It's not for nothing that the womans silver chain is considered an ideal basic decoration, because it can be worn with absolutely any outfit, and it will always look appropriate and harmonious. Depending on situations and images, you can choose different kinds of weaving and sizes.

So, if you are looking for an accessory for every day, it's better to take something simpler and more reliable. For a strictly business suit, more concise weaving and small elegant silver pendants are also suitable. But with evening or cocktail dresses, you can safely experiment using large models and decor. In any case, everything always depends on your preferences, and if in everyday life you also prefer extravagant and bright outfits, then it won't be superfluous to select the appropriate accessories.

It's also very easy to combine silver chains with any other jewelry, because it will perfectly fit into any precious set of whatever it consists of. You can safely mix this accessory with:

In sale in the FJewellery store you will find many more stylish and trendy accessories that will be the perfect complement to a womens necklace made of fine silver. All products on our site have the necessary certificates, and you can be sure of their impeccable quality. Join, follow the range updates and enjoy online shopping with us! Welcome!