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Buy 22 inch chains made of 9 carat gold in FJewellery online

Choosing a gold chain, you pay attention to the type of weaving, volume, thickness in the first place. But just as important as the length of the jewellery. One of the most popular is a 9ct gold 22 inch chain. You will find a wide range of such items in the FJewellery shop. Here you can choose a chain to match your favorite evening dress or as a gift for your loved one.

22 inch 9ct Gold Chains

Who is the 22-inch chain suitable for?

22 inches is a universal size for men's and women's chains. Jewelers offer such models for women of all ages. It elongates the neck, showing its special elegance. This chain will go perfectly with an evening dress with a bright neckline. As for men, jewelery of this size would go well with hollow crosses or a rather large pendant.

Features of 9 karat gold products

Gold chains are in greatest demand in the jewelry market. Products made of this precious metal are given to newborns with a cross necklace. When selecting a chain, you should consider the properties of different gold alloys.

The 9 ct alloy is distinguished by its high content of alloying metals, which gives it particular hardness and durability, which is especially important for chains. The 9kt models are practical, reliable, and attractive. They are the best option for everyday wear on the neck, as well as have a very affordable cost.

In our online shop, 22 inch 9 carat gold chains are presented in a wide assortment. In pictures in the shop's catalog you can find:

  • chains of different styles of weaving (Singaporean, Byzantine, anchor, border, etc.);
  • different types of yellow or white gold jewellery;
  • thin women's chains with an exquisite design and laconic voluminous jewelry for men;
  • Products in different price ranges (the price is formed depending on the type of gold, its weight, as well as on the complexity of weaving, which determines the design of the jewelry).

Such a wide selection will help match the chain to any outfit. It can be self-sufficient jewelry or used together with a pendant. For a miniature pendant, you should choose a thin chain with an elegant weaving, to a large one - a massive, voluminous chain.

The FJewellery company offers our customers not only chains of different sizes but also many other jewelry pieces of classic or modern design. In sale are:

Here you can buy jewelry for yourself or as a gift to loved ones for any occasion.