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Huggies gold earrings are a flashy trend of the last few years, and it still doesn't lose its relevance. They are the perfect stylish accessory for anyone who loves precious hoops but doesn't want to wear oversized and bulky pieces on ear. Graceful, small, neat - they are literally created for all casual fans and embody the contemporary minimalist motifs of recent seasons. If you want to buy a fashion accessory that will always be relevant - this is exactly what you need! Visit the FJewellery website and choose your exclusive model at the best price! Waiting for you!

Huggies models - what do they look like?

Yes, this is not the most classic type of earrings and a similar design appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to win love and unlimited popularity. All thanks to their practicality and versatility! The essence of the design of huggies is that they fit the ear very tightly and have invisible clasps - the product seems perfectly round and literally endless. Another distinctive feature of these earrings is that they don't have to be worn only on the earlobe and if you have piercings above, this is the best option to effectively highlight them.

The name "huggies" itself makes it clear that these little hoops literally hug the ear - the design is simple, but at the same time it has many variations that allow you to create amazing combinations and mix them with a wide variety of pairs of earrings. These amazing mini hoops are ideal for children and teenagers due to their lightness and small dimensions - rather modest height and width allows them to fit perfectly on a gracefully childs ear and not interfere during daily activities. Every young fashionista will be madly delighted with such accessories and for her, they will become a real must-have for every day.

But why exactly gold?

Of course, it would not be correct to say that traditional silver loses to natural aurum - of course it's cheap in comparison, but no less valuable or of high quality. We chose to tell you about gold only because of its unique ability to change the shade, which makes it no less versatile than the style of huggie gold earrings. Today, designers are increasingly experimenting with colour and the public accepts it with pleasure, which means that the more variations metal offers us, the better!

Familiar to all, yellow gold has been an unchanging classic for many centuries - a gentle and warm tone ideally coexists with any precious gemstone and is able to enhance its depth and saturation. It also goes well with any image and never looks out of place or silly, which is a separate plus.

White gold is a colder and more restrained metal, for those who prefer austerity in everything and don't like bright flashy shades. Solid earrings made of this mineral look good with a variety of outfits and never draw too much attention to themselves. This is the perfect option for lovers of versatile jewelry.

Delicate and fashionable rose gold is a love for all fashionistas who tirelessly follow the latest and improve their style based on new trends. The purity of the noble metal manifests itself in the best possible way with this shade, and it shines in a completely unusual way. Models with coating of a dense but thin layer of rhodium look especially chic - this very valuable and expensive metal provides protection to the product and gives such a dazzling shine that you simply cannot believe your eyes.

Speaking of metals, one cannot fail to mention their karat. Everyone knows that pure gold is never used in the jewellery industry, because it's very soft and ductile. To create accessories, jewellers always use alloys and there are variations in percentage, namely: 

This affects the cost of the finished product and its strength, and therefore is of great importance. If we don't go into all the details and nuances - 14 karat alloy is the most common and favourite, both among designers and among customers. It's practical, reliable and versatile - a real golden mean among precious alloys and, what is especially pleasant, affordable!

Features of designs and inserts

We have already told you about the many benefits that huggie hoop earrings gold are famous for - it only remains to mention that the models are actually very different: from plain ear rings to more voluminous and chunky fancy hoops. The small size doesn't prevent designers from creating bizarre ornaments, using bright precious inserts and unusual patterns - all this helps to diversify the model range and offer girls more space for bold experiments.

The smallest models of huggies can be in the range of 5-6mm, and the largest ones reach 21mm or more - this allows the craftsmen to come up with more and more unusual decor for them and actually completely change the styles of such earrings. So, tiny huggies without inlays will be an excellent option as a first jewel for a newborn baby, while thick models studded with multi-coloured crystals are ideal for bold cocktail dresses or evening costumes for more mature girls. 

Among the large assortment of precious stones for decorating elegant hoops, cubic zirconia are in special demand - they have become a favourite for jewellers and many ladies. The peculiarity of these crystals lies in their non-natural origin and the ability to give them any colour, shape or size - a chic find for designers who love non-standard combinations. Cz jewelery dazzles the imagination with its dainty look, amazing radiance and multi-faceted iridescence of shades - for fashion huggies products this is the coolest option! And you can be convinced of this just by looking at the picture of any such model in our online boutique - we are sure that you will fall in love at first moment with this duet.

And to surprise you for sure, we want to reveal one more secret - huggies style earrings are extremely popular among guys, and this makes them not only universal, but perfect for creating any set. On our website you can select the perfect addition to them, among the hundreds of mens and womens decorations that we have for sale. We think you will be interested in the following options:

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