Choosing the right neck jewelry

Choosing the right neck jewelry

Neck jewelry

Chains around the neck are a basic accessory that everyone has and more than one piece. However, despite the seeming simplicity, choosing it's not always easy. Even when buying a product for yourself, you will have to look through and try on many models, and choosing a necklace for a gift is even more difficult. In this article, the specialists of the FJewellery website have collected all the necessary information for you so that you can find the perfect accessory.

Gold chains: what size should I buy?

Today, there are many types of neck jewelry that differ in designs and styles. For example, there are simple classic gold models that suit any outfit. Unusual and extravagant models are better combined with brighter and non-standard looks. It all depends on your individual preferences and general style of clothing.
There are two important options: thickness and length. The appearance of the accessory and how harmonious it will be depending on them.

What thickness to choose?

This parameter depends on the type of weaving and the thickness of the links themselves. The thinnest models are less than one millimeter, and the widest - from 3 mm or more. Traditionally, wide massive necklaces are considered men’s, and female are always more graceful and thin.

In order to wear a pendant or a cross, you need a chain, the weight of which will be twice as much as the decorative element on it. Then it will not stretch and deform, and therefore will serve you much longer.

What thickness to choose

Thin weaves are rarely used for long products or heavy pendants as they break easily. And voluminous weaves with large links are usually worn without additional precious details.

When choosing a thickness, you should be guided by three standard categories (measured in millimeters):

  • 1-4 - the thinnest;
  • 4-7 universal thickness, on which pendants, lockets and other accessories look best;
  • chains over 7 mm are considered thick and are worn without adornments.

What length to choose?

This is another of the most important parameters. Length is always measured without clasp. If the product is made to order, its length can be adjusted to millimeters. There are several standard sizes for mass production chains (measured in inches):

  • 16-18. The shortest neck decorations. They are often bought for children or teenagers, and are also suitable for extremely petite girls.
  • 18-19. Such jewelry gracefully emphasizes the shape of the neck, and they are better worn without pendants.
  • 18-21. Universal length. Small crosses or other decorations look amazing on such chains.
  • 21.5-24. Suitable for very large and massive jewellery.
  • chains over 24 inch are considered long. They are often wrapped around the neck in several rows or combined, which is very effective.

What length to choose

You can find out the size you need yourself at home:

  1. Use regular thread or ribbon. Wrap it around your neck and connect the ends at the desired level. Next, measure the resulting segment and round the result up.
  2. You can use an existing necklace, the size of which suits you completely. Stretch it on a flat surface and measure from start to finish.

The length and width of the product should be combined very carefully so that visually everything looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Also, don't wear too pretentious and massive models to simple neutral outfits and vice versa. If the chain is large, they can be the only and independent accessory, and delicate and thin ones combine well with other gold jewellery.

We hope that our advice will be as useful to you as possible and will help you choose the chain of your dreams, which you can order in our online catalogue FJewellery! Our store offers the widest selection of various precious accessories and the most affordable prices for them. Welcome and enjoy your shopping!

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