The complete guide to men's rings

The complete guide to men's rings

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Men wore jewelry on their fingers, demonstrating their marital status and not only from ancient times. At different times, the rings demonstrated wealth, privileges in society and the high position of the owner. Today it's a stylish, solid and fashionable accessory that especially emphasizes the whole image, gives it a certain charm and even becomes its highlight. But there are so many rings, so many styles and designs, that it's very easy to get confused with them. That is why, the specialists of our FJewellery store have prepared this guide for you, in which they briefly and easily talked about the existing types of decorations and how to wear them correctly. Let's start!

Men’s gold rings: what are the most popular styles

Wearing wedding rings is a centuries-old tradition known to everyone. Simple but very special accessories that connect two loving hearts. As a rule, a man's ring is identical to a woman's one, except for the presence of precious inlays. Although, in recent years, in jewellery catalogues, you can see more and more men's models with gems.

Rings For Him

Of all types, the most common are signet rings. The history of these decorations goes back more than one thousand years. Traditionally, these were engraved rings (e.g., the initials or the coat of arms of the family). They were dipped in hot wax and then imprinted on important documents and letters. It was a kind of signature and seal of the owner. Such rings were worn only by noble persons, rulers and kings. Today they are worn rather as a tribute to fashion and style, or are inherited as a family heirloom; and gemstones are increasingly found in place of the engraved design.

Rings with religious symbols are usually worn by people who are deeply religious. They are often depicted with biblical scenes or engraved with quotations from the Bible. Such accessories are perceived more like talismans and many people prefer to wear them on a chain around their neck, hiding them under clothes.

Stylized or themed rings are perhaps the most interesting. Contemporary designers-jewelers regularly present ever brighter and more unusual models for men. Among them, products with voluminous carved patterns, as well as in the form of animals and birds (bear, lion, eagle, snake, lizard) are very popular. Also, you can often find rings with large inscriptions; the word "dad" is especially popular - the best gift for a beloved father. Very often, such rings are stylized as some kind of gizmos, for example:

The most popular material for all these types of jewellery is gold. The ancient and noble metal has always been associated with wealth and power, and today many men prefer to wear rings made of this precious metal. Platinum or silver are used much less frequently.

How to wear?

In ancient times, there were certain rules for wearing rings, but according to current etiquette, today you can wear them on any finger. So, large and massive rings look best on the thumb and index finger. What accessories are worn on the ring finger and so everyone understands. Men rarely wear jewellery on the middle finger, but on the little finger you can often see a small signet (Hello "The Godfather" fans.). However, this doesn't mean that you can safely put on many different rings on your fingers at once. There are two basic rules:

  1. All accessories on hands must be made of metal of the same shade.
  2. At the same time, no more than two items should be on hand.

Rings For Him

An exception to the second rule may be the image of a rock star, a pirate, or a desire to shock the audience. Either way, it will look very bright.
We hope that the article was useful and you learned more about the fashion for men's accessories and their styles. And in the blog on the FJewellery website you will find even more interesting and useful advice, learn about the brightest trends in the world of jewelry, and in our catalogue, you can choose and purchase unique precious products at the most pleasant prices. We are always glad to see you!

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