Composite diamond jewellery: to buy or not to buy?

Composite diamond jewellery: to buy or not to buy?

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If you are thinking about buying a gift or choosing diamond jewellery for yourself, you have probably noticed that there are natural, artificial and composite minerals. FJewellery's customers ask a lot of questions about the latter. We decided to dispel all your doubts and tell you what they are and answer the questions we get asked most often.

Composite diamonds: good or bad?

In its structure, they are several minerals from which the jeweller has created one solid gemstone. Such a composite stone can be in the form of a diamond cluster or a diamond rhombus. They look simply magical! To get the result, the minerals can be:

  • glued together,
  • put side by side and fixed in this state,
  • fused.

The manufacturing techniques are different, but they all end up yielding the same result: a piece of jewellery with beautiful, often large decorations. When comparing rings, a solitaire has one large diamond in the center, while a composite ring will have more such minerals, the ring will look larger, and the design will be more intricate.

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Nuances: carat weight and specific gravity

This is a nuance that many people overlook when choosing pieces with a gemstone. The carat weight does not equal the specific weight of the mineral. The carat weight is a unique unit of measurement. It is one of the "Cs" that describe all the virtues of a gemstone: colour, clarity, cut and carats.

Total weight is from several metric characteristics to which any physical body is attempted to be tied for easy measurement. Knowing the total weight of all the minerals in the ring (called TCW), you can calculate the weight of one carat and then compare it to the weight of one diamond. This helps you compare prices and choose the best option for you.

One carat usually weighs 200 mg. If the weight is less, we can say that the price of the gemstone is lower. Since jewellery with compound minerals uses several gemstones, and the weight of one carat will be less, we can say that the price of such a piece should be less as well.

Advantages of Composite Diamonds

Price. It is cheaper than, for example, a ring with a single diamond. They is more affordable. So if you are looking for a diamond ring, earrings, pendant or necklace at an attractive price, consider composite mineral jewellery.

  • Exclusive design. The ability to combine several gemstones into a group has opened up tremendous opportunities to create unique designs. Among such pieces, you can see very interesting models.
  • The professionalism of the jewellers makes it possible to achieve the effect of a large stone. Several minerals are combined not in a pattern, but one monolith. It looks wonderful!
  • Jewellery with compound diamonds goes with any style of dress. It is always topical.

Disadvantages of Composite Diamonds

  • Relatively high repair costs. Since the jewellery consists of several minerals, it will require more work to restore it.
  • If a single mineral is damaged or lost, it will be necessary to pick it up exactly for clarity, weight, and size and this can take some time.

Peculiarities of care for jewellery with a composite diamond

There are no "magic" remedies. Everything is quite simple. As with any gemstone pieces, remember that minerals are still fragile. Do not wear the ring if you plan to do heavy physical work, and do not hit the minerals against any surface. You can use a soapy solution (regular soap) and a soft cloth to clean your jewellery.

It is advisable to store any items in a soft-lined box. Do not pile them up to avoid scratching or damaging them. If you are an active user of your jewellery, don't forget to take it to a solon to have it cleaned now and then.

Top 6 questions that concern all buyers in this category

  1. Are composite diamonds more affordable than solitaire diamonds?

It's true. Generally, multiple diamonds used in a piece have a lower carat weight than a single stone.

  1. Composite diamonds - man-made or natural diamonds?

This jewellery can be made from both natural and laboratory-grown minerals. Jewellers also sometimes add zirconium, moissanite, and composite. Thus, composite diamond jewellery may consist of natural, man-made, or mixed minerals. Please refer to the information that is included in each piece.

  1. How valuable is composite diamond jewellery?

As in any market, the price of diamonds can fluctuate. This is normal. If there are no chips or other flaws in the minerals that make up the pieces, then the value will not go down. But we always encourage our customers to have their jewellery appraised from time to time.

  1. What should I pay attention to when buying jewellery with composite diamonds?

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It is important to pay attention to three parameters:

  • Transparency and brilliance. Choose bright diamonds with a good sparkle in all positions. The jewellery will look beautiful and you'll be well invested.
  • Design. Rely on your sense of the world or the taste of the person you are choosing a gift for. There are many different styles on the market.
  • Event. It is preferably to decide at once whether this jewellery will be for every day or just for festive occasions. In the first case, you can choose a product with a quieter design that will suit most of your daily looks. In the second case, you can afford something bright and pompous.
  1. Is the "4 Cs" really important? Or does this rule not work with composite minerals?

The "4 Cs" are still relevant for pricing. You can always find out the market value of a diamond and make a buying decision.

  1. What is a doublet?

It is a method of jewellery making in which two minerals are combined to make a gemstone appear larger.

Jewellery with composite gemstones is a great opportunity to buy pieces at a lower price, in an exclusive design and for any occasion. The FJewellery concierge is always ready to help you in your search and selection. Also, don't hesitate if you need help. We are always ready to help you.

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