Everything you wanted to know about men's jewellery fashion

Everything you wanted to know about men's jewellery fashion

Mens rings

Every year, the popularity and demand for gents accessories is growing - this is facilitated by the appearance on the market of more cool designer products from classics to original themed precious goods. In addition, more and more male celebrities show us options of how you can use various jewels in your image and look stylish, courageous and expensive at the same time. All this is due to the fact that guys are more likely to show interest in such decorations, and designers and eminent brands surprise us with bright mens novelties every new season. In this guide, FJewellery experts tried to collect the most suitable models for him and shared tips on matching and wearing. Let's explore all the details together!

Precious accessories that are best for guys

There are classic styles of male jewellery that aren't tied to time or to changes in fashion trends - these are products that will be worn for years, and they will never lose their relevance. These include:

If we talk about more non-standard themed accessories, then in this category the assortment is much larger:

Today on sale you can find options for absolutely every taste and affordable budget, choose models for a specific style and image, create basic stacks of jewellery for every day, or simply supplement your precious collection with bright fashionable novelties - there are literally no rules or restrictions in the world of mens accessories, therefore the choice of designs and shapes is limitless. You can show your imagination and style your wardrobe the way you like - it only adds personality to your images, makes them memorable and special.

Varieties of male decorations and their features

The entire history of mankind shows us examples of the fact that men can wear a wide variety of jewellery and express themselves through them. Since ancient times, most of the accessories were considered specifically for men - they were worn by rulers, pharaohs, priests and great warriors, thereby emphasising their power and demonstrating strength, wealth, and high social status. Such customs existed in most ancient cultures, were especially common in antiquity and even in mediaeval society. It's only in the last couple of centuries that the privilege of wearing jewels has passed to women, and men have become neutral towards such attributes.

Mens braceletsMens bracelets

However, we all know about the cyclical nature of history and fashion - what was popular before is regaining demand. This is happening now with gents' decorations - more often men of different ages are buying precious items for themselves in order to transform their wardrobe and personalise their looks. There are plenty of tools for this in the contemporary jewellery market! There are also a lot of them in the assortment of the FJewellery store - models in a variety of price categories, designs and variations. You can study them all in detail in our online catalogue, and here we will talk about the most interesting, in our opinion, decorations for him.

1. Silver items for every taste. Since its discovery, silver has been considered a valuable and noble metal and today can become a flawless base for a personal collection. Products made from it have a reasonable cost, hypoallergenic properties and are easy to care for. Men are especially impressed by the neutral colour of this metal, it's easily combined with any outfit, suitable for constant wear and looks very dignified.

2. Golden alloys. This metal is widely in demand, has a lot of advantages and is very variable in terms of shades and carats - this makes it possible to choose the perfect jewellery for any occasion. Male golden accessories are classics that will always be appropriate - the right choice of gift for a beloved man, father or friend. Strict white tone, traditional yellow or very trendy rose aurum - choose depending on the preferences of the recipient or mix several alloys at once for a stylish set. Gold is always a win-win!

3. Gents chains and stacked necklaces. The classic chain with curb or belcher weaves is the most common attribute. The optimal length for such an accessory is 18-22 inches, and the width is within 4-5 mm. These are perhaps the most traditional models that you can imagine. For lovers of more unusual products, a variety of fancy types of knitting or necklaces with beads and other thematic decor are suitable. Also, a common practice is to combine chains of different lengths and designs into one holistic original necklace - such layering is now at the peak of popularity.

4. Pendants and crosses. Small personalised decor and religious paraphernalia is another great way to showcase your character. Fortunately, there are many variations of precious decor for this, from the simplest crosses and initial pendants to chunky rolex-style models, celtic symbols, and so on. Also, animalistic pendant motifs and designs that match their interests or activities, such as boxing gloves, musical instruments, nautical themes, and so on, are very popular among guys. In addition, dog tag designs, popular in the 90s, are returning to fashion again - the once exclusively military accessory has become an excellent attribute for self-expression. Jewellers engrave them, apply inscriptions and drawings, even decorate them with precious inserts - this is a cool and fashionable way to express yourself.

5. Mens rings. One of the oldest decorations that was originally created for strong and courageous men. For many millennia, they have remained the most sought-after accessories for him and are the most powerful attribute for demonstrating a solid male character. Signets are the first thing you think of when it comes to male models, but they are not the only ones. For guys, themed college bands, saddle and buckle designs, items with large gems, and so on are suitable. And of course, don't forget about elegant wedding rings - this is a tradition!

6. Bracelets and unusual hard bangles. A strong male wrist adorned with a stylish accessory always attracts attention, but here it's critical that the accessory matches the usual style of a man and fits into the image. A massive golden bracelet is an attribute for self-confident mature men, and for younger guys, models with beads, leather inserts or a solid base are more suitable. Also, a bracelet can be an excellent tandem with a chain if they are made in the same style of knitting.

Mens crossesMens crosses

7. Contemporary male earrings. Many still believe that this is not the most masculine accessory, but everyone has different tastes and numerous famous representatives of bright pop or rock culture regularly prove to us that a guy can look very manly and bold even with earrings. Classics in this category are simple studs or their variations with big diamonds or shining zirconias - a bright and noticeable accent for a cool look. Also, there are very fashionable models among drop or huggies earrings: non-standard pendant elements, golden spikes, large stones - there are many options, and on the FJewellery website we have collected the most popular of them. You can read about each model separately, look at its photo, and also compare the options you like with each other for a more accurate selection.

8. Graceful golden cufflinks. This is an integral attribute of the image of a real gentleman and the best addition to a chic evening tuxedo or a strict business suit. You can choose bright models with stones or, on the contrary, discreet monochromatic options. The latter will also be relevant for a gift, as you can make any engraving on them and get a very memorable and individual present.

9. Gold wristwatches. This is a special tradition and an exceptionally high-status accessory for real men. Classics and modernity intersected firmly in these decorations and allowed the guys to modernise their images very pointwise. These attributes of the male image don't require introduction - everyone is familiar with them and there are also many chic brands that make the most luxurious products in this segment, and therefore it won't be difficult to find the ideal accessory among such a variety.

10. Jewels with stones. There is a category of men who don't like frilly decor or sparkling inserts in it - such restraint is justified and quite acceptable. But for everyone else, models with precious inlays are another easy way to diversify your jewellery box. Among the most popular gents inserts are traditional diamonds, strict black onyx and more affordable cubic zirconia. Accessories with the addition of precious ceramics or enamel are also common - these multi-coloured elements add freshness to any outfit!

11. Fashion sets of decorations. Everyone knows the axiom that there should be a lot of good things, and in this case this thesis is justified! Many guys like to wear more than one piece of jewelry, and therefore pre-prepared themed kits look extremely harmonious and are very relevant. They can consist of: necklaces and stylised bracelets, beautiful chains and small pendants, etc. Think - a great gift idea!

Final conclusions

The range of mens precious attributes is extremely diverse and is presented in all available jewellery categories. Among them there are both basic elements and more original products for very hot images - there are plenty to choose from! And we hope that thanks to this guide, you were able to highlight for yourself those items that you definitely want to add to your wardrobe! We are waiting for you in the FJewellery boutique and are always ready to help with advice on the selection - you can contact the online chat on our website and the managers will answer all your questions, help you place an order and select the most optimal and convenient delivery conditions. Join now!

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