Golden trends 2023

Golden trends 2023

Multi-layered earrings

Beautiful and noble gold is perhaps the most stable and eternal metal. It never goes out of fashion and contemporary designers each season present us with more and more amazing and non-standard solutions, chic shapes and colour combinations. If your personal collection contains jewelry made from this unique mineral, you can always stay on top! Sticking to the classics is always relevant, but if you want to shine even brighter and show your individuality to the world day after day, this article is just for you! In it, the experts of the FJewellery boutique have collected the freshest and juiciest precious ideas of the upcoming fashion year, and you will definitely find among them something that will win your heart! Let's deal with this together!

Top 6 brightest jewel details of 2023

Among the novelties of the upcoming seasons, we have collected the most interesting and worthy of attention - here there are both classic models, and something really new and unexpected. Get ready to be surprised, because there will be a lot of interesting things!

1. Massive and voluminous chain necklaces

A large and wide chain made of gold always looks impressive - such an accessory attracts attention and becomes a bright accent of the whole image. Recently, this trend has been picked up by all famous brands and such jewellery is increasingly being seen at the most fashionable and stylish shows. 2023 promises to further strengthen this trend and make such decorations the basis for the most top looks.

You can use just one such chain as an independent and main accent or decorate it with equally noticeable and chunky gold pendants. Also, it can be a great addition to another popular trend - layering. Add several thick chains of different lengths and weaves to your set and get an ultra-fashionable layered necklace. The more variety in shades and textures - the more effective the image will turn out!

Heart-sharped crystal ringHeart-sharped crystal ring

2. Large bracelets and wide bangles

Such voluminous accessories are no longer just a must-have, but a real fashion philosophy of the coming year, where the emphasis on the wrists will be a must. In this way, you can add originality and freshness to even the most modest and discreet outfits. The best idea is to create a stack of a couple of bracelets in different knits and gold expandable bangles - this will allow you to change looks and mix styles, depending on the moment and mood. The best colour solution would be to use classic white and sought-after rose gold with a purity of 14 carat alloy. Traditional yellow will also be relevant, but the mix of shades is still in the first place in 2023.

3. Earrings to the shoulders or below!

Oh, this will be a real highlight of any stylish look and will help everyone to show off their excellent knowledge of contemporary trends. One big earring, as an accent or a chic voluminous pair - it's up to you, in any case, it will be more appropriate than ever!

Over the past few seasons, we have already met with long drop earrings and managed to notice what effect they produce. In 2023, their assortment will become even more diverse and will include not only traditional models with diamonds and pearls, but also more extravagant creations, such as: elongated gold tassels, multilevel drops with coloured stones, extra-wide hoops and unique examples of jewellery art made of mesh and wire. Such products will be organically combined not only with bright and luxurious evening looks, but also suitable for the usual casual - which means it's simply necessary to buy in your wardrobe!

4. Big statement rings

A spectacular three-dimensional ring has already become a new fashion symbol - large sizes will simply permeate through all the jewellery chic of 2023. A bold and noticeable decoration will be a good addition to both extravagant formal and everyday outfits. Among the popular models will stand out: whimsical cocktail rings, massive signet rings with large central elements, bombay and expensive models in solid 18-karat gold. The main colour schemes of the coming seasons will be natural motifs - deep sparkling blue and rich flower green.

The next two trends no longer refer to specific models, but to their shapes. Here, oddly enough, a real luxurious classic will rule the ball, and this is truly cool, given the combination of traditional familiar forms with massive golden accessories.

Massive necklaceMassive necklace

5. Heart of fashion 2023

Yes, it's this gentle and romantic shape that becomes the best central basis for any spectacular look. Its symbolism is familiar to everyone and therefore is so in demand, and the elegance and smoothness of the lines is exactly the necessary dissonance that will be the highlight of the top collections. A large sparkling heart-shaped crystal in the centre of a diamond ring or a small graceful pendant with a cute engraving - all this will definitely come in handy in the new bright year. Weaving chains with fancy heart links or unusual toggle locks on gold bracelets in the same style - use everything possible to demonstrate your impeccable fashion taste!

6. The stars will shine brighter!

The second form that will take off in the tops of 2023 is a luxurious and alluring star - a bright and versatile piece that will harmoniously fit into any wardrobe. And here everything is simple - the more shine, the better and more elegant! Any manifestations will be harmonious - from tiny star earrings to fancy rings and themed pendants. Such jewels will make any outfit festive and chic in an instant, and you'll become the brightest star of any party in it!

We hope that it has become clearer to you what you are striving for in 2023, and you have already found your precious favourites. Do you want to continue to be the first to know about all the new trends and nuances of the fashion jewel industry? Then follow the updates on the FJewellery blog carefully and choose your new items in our online catalogue! Our managers are always ready to help you with the selection and answer all your questions. Join now and get the most out of shopping with us!

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