How to make your happiest day special

How to make your happiest day special

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All lovers dream of a unique and incredibly beautiful wedding that will not be like any other. The FJewellery site team sincerely believes that each couple is individual - habits, interests, tastes, desires. Our goal is to help make your event unforgettable and exclusive, based precisely on your personal preferences. To do this, we have created a selection of the most interesting and not banal ideas that can diversify your celebration and distinguish it favorably from all others.

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7 cool ways to personalise your wedding

  1. Style is everything. You should start with the understanding that it's not scary to leave traditions. No need to do like everyone else - do what you two want! Love bright red combined with deep purple? Fine! Choose decoration for the ceremony in these colours: use them in small decor, flowers and bouquets, even in food. You can move away from the classic white dress and opt for more custom shades for the bride and groom outfits. Or maybe you are inspired by some special books, movies, games or series? It's even better! Organize an event in this style and add more details. Tell the guests to dress in something special, order food and drinks in the same spirit, and all activities will be somehow related to the plot of this work. Discuss this with your organizer or plan everything yourself. Your friends and family will definitely not forget such an event!
  2. Make your vows original. You don't have to repeat the traditional words at all - write your own! Talk about your feelings in your own way - you can take excerpts from your favorite poem or novel, remember your conversation when you first met, and even include some comical or cute moments from your correspondence. You may end up with three short sentences or a text for a couple of pages - it doesn't matter. The main thing is that your vow should be from the heart and with love, amuse you and your soulmate. No memorized words are needed - write only about the most important, about your love, in any words and phrases available to you. It will be great!
  3. Come up with a special menu. Forget about classic wedding dishes and appetizers, and ask the chef to prepare what you both love to eat the most, be it pizza, tacos, shrimp cocktail, warm ice cream or oriental sweets. Don't be afraid of experiments - order those dishes that you just want to try and what you eat all the time, or vice versa, allow yourself only on special occasions. This day is the most especial, and today you can do anything! Drinks are the same story. Ask the bartender to mix your favorite cocktails and serve them to your guests early in the evening. Or maybe you love craft beer, cherry cider or scorpion vodka? Fabulous! This is your wedding, and you can eat and drink whatever you want. And, for sure, guests will be pleasantly surprised the unusualness of what is happening at the table!
  4. Create an individual playlist. Let only the music that you love the most play on this day: the soundtracks from your favorite TV shows, the opening melody from a great musical, or the song that was playing at the moment of your first kiss. When it's time for your first family dance, let the tune play that's important to both of you. If you have some local band whose compositions you both really like - invite the guys to perform at your evening and sing your favorite tracks. Trust us, it will be unforgettable!
  5. Find unique wedding rings. If both of you are not fans of classic models - that's even great! A good reason to buy some exclusive rings. These can be vintage models, signet rings with a secret or accessories with a fancy design. Additionally, you can order engraving on them with the date of the wedding or dating, or initials. It can also be words from your vows, short poems written to each other or cute nicknames that you call each other. Unlimited flight of fancy! And most importantly, these jewelleries will always be with you, as a reminder of this important day and your loved one.
  6. Evening of memories. Say no to traditional wedding activities - we've come up with something better! And so, take care in advance to make an interesting movie with your joint photos and videos. Turn off the lights at the venue, let the candles burn, the guests will sit comfortably with glasses of delicious drinks, and you will begin your story. Tell your friends about your acquaintance, first impressions and funny moments together, and then ask the guests to remember interesting situations and ridiculous cases with your participation. Let classmates remember what you did at school, colleagues tell you about humorous situations at corporate parties, and best friends remind you of a fun and crazy joint weekend or vacation. It will be something more fun than banal wedding entertainment, and you will all laugh heartily together!
  7. Leave bright and beautiful. The end of the wedding should be as incredible and memorable as the whole event. As the evening draws to a close, ask for a last drink and make a cheerful toast. You can say whatever comes to mind - it's important to say from the heart! After that, you are ready to leave the party like newlyweds. Run away to cool music and let your friends see you off with colorful fireworks, sparklers and happy smiles. Want even more originality? You can prepare in advance for each guest some atypical and simple musical instrument (e.g., a tambourine, maracas, xylophone, ukulele or even a triangle) and let them lead you to a happy family life with such an unexpected improvised and cheerful orchestra. It will be very cool and funny!

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So, we came up with a plan for the perfect wedding for you - it's simple, unusual and very creative! Want more helpful tips? Visit the website of the Fjewellery store - you will find a lot of interesting articles on the topic of preparing for the wedding day on our blog, and in our online catalogue you can purchase all the necessary precious accessories for the event and, of course, unique paired rings! We are waiting for you and are always ready to help!

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