How to measure bangle size

How to measure bangle size

Gold bangles

This unique jewelry has long won the hearts of fashionistas all over the world. Bright and unusual, they attract attention and add an unsurpassed charm to each image. Such an elegant highlight should be in every personal precious collection - it will help to effectively transform the wardrobe and make each look special! However, when buying such decorations, it's important to pay attention to the details that suit your taste and measure bangle size possibly correct. In this article, we will help you sort out all the intricacies and tell you how to choose and buy an accessory that is flawless for you. And then, being fully armed, you can find the ideal model in the FJewellery boutique! Let's start with the simplest - the basics!

What are bangles?

They are called the most musical decoration. This name comes to us from the Hindi language, where the word baṅgle in translation means glass or a glass bracelet. The thing is that in India, where the fashion for such accessories came from, initially these decorations were made of glass, and they are called musical because when several bracelets are put on the hand at the same time, they begin to ring cheerfully and very melodically. Since ancient times, they have been an integral attribute of traditional womens outfits. It was believed that such a glass bracelet would bring the girl good luck in marriage and serve as a protective talisman for her. That is why they were often added to wedding dresses.

Such bracelets were popular not only in India, but also in most countries of South Asia. In 1973, a group of British archaeologists excavated the unique ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro, which is located in the large province of Sindh, Pakistan. A civilization lived there, the origin of which dates back to more than 2600 BC. A beautiful female figurine was discovered there, which was nicknamed the "dancing girl". On the graceful female figure, carved by the sculptor, there were no clothes and there were only bracelets that completely wrapped around her arm. This fact indicates that even then bangles were a very significant decoration, and they were highly valued in the society of that time. By the way, according to the same testimonies of archaeologists, they were also sometimes used as mens jewels, but only the most privileged men could wear them.

Fancy BanglesFancy Bangles

Bangles are not only glass products. For many centuries, master artisans have made them from a variety of materials, such as:

  • wood,
  • Ivory,
  • terracotta,
  • etc.

They decorated such bracelets with small pebbles or shells, as well as natural gems such as jasper, amber and many others. Later, traditional silver and luxurious noble gold were used for production, and expensive precious stones were used as encrustations.

Today, this type of bracelet is very popular and in demand among ladies of all ages, and such rigid bracelets made of noble metals, studded with coloured gemstones, are present in the collections of the most famous brands. The catalogue of the FJewellery shop also presents a lot of different models of gold & silver bangles, from the simplest and most restrained to unusual and even extravagant - here you will find options for every taste and every style! On the site you can also easily pick up the right size for you, so that the jewel looks perfect on your wrist. Make it very easy!

How to decide on the size

There are two pretty easy ways to do this. The first option is to measure the circumference of your wrist. You will need a regular sewing tape or the simplest thread and a ruler. Tie the ribbon or thread around your wrist and voila - you already know the right size! If you want to wear a jewellery on your forearm, then you should measure higher.

The second way is to use a bangle you already have - you just need to measure its inner diameter. Both methods guarantee you the accuracy of measurements, and you will easily understand which model you require.

So, based on these calculations, you will find out your hand size in cm or in inches, and you will be able to find that perfect bangle on our website. It remains only to decide on the design!

Silver BanglesSilver Bangles

There are many trendy designs on sale in our online store, and you can easily and quickly select the right one for you with the help of a convenient search engine. In the card of each product, you will see its real picture and main characteristics - so you will immediately understand how the accessory looks live and how it fits your image. You can also pick up other jewelry for the new bangle and assemble your exclusive set right on the site and at a very nice price! You might be interested in the following suggestions:

We are constantly improving and replenishing the FJewellery range with bright new products so that each of our clients can find something unique here! Stay tuned for updates and create your personal precious style with us! Welcome!

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