Patrick’s Day Gifts Ideas

Patrick’s Day Gifts Ideas

Patrick’s Day Gifts Ideas

Rub of the Green: Best St. Patrick’s Day Gifts Ideas

Saint Patricks Day is an important holiday for the Irish, but you do not have to be of Irish descent to celebrate it. You can go to a traditional church service on this day or simply join the parade, but one thing remains the same – gifts. A common St. Patricks Day gift idea is a variety of jewelry: usually, they are clover-shaped, but this is not required. "FJewellery" offers a variety of precious metal accessories that will make the perfect holiday gift.

Green Stones

The holiday is most often associated with green colour, so green gems are the most appropriate option. Such items do not have to be too expensive – you can find a small silver necklace with tiny cubic zirconia for around £40. It will serve as a good gift for a child or a relative. Another theme idea is a pair of horseshoe-shaped earrings made of silver decorated with greenish crystals. Horseshoes are believed to bring luck. So much jewelry is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to please your loved one.

Rub of the Green

However, there is no need to limit yourself only to cheap silver pieces. If you want the celebration to be luxurious, check out the different golden options we have to offer. We have many gold earrings, but if you want something more celebrations-related, check out the shamrock stud earrings with diamonds. Such a stylish item will be a beautiful gift for every woman, whether she is a wife or a mother. Moreover, the shamrock is a symbol of Ireland, so it suits the holiday.

Powerful Symbols

Jewellery in the clover form is very wide-spread. In addition to earrings, you may find:

  • rings,
  • necklaces,
  • bracelets.

And all of those – with silver or gold shamrocks. Such pieces are also great holiday gifts. Some of them have no gems: for example, there are gold shamrock necklaces with green enamel, modest but luxurious. Other gold pendants may have silver fittings that cheapen them but does not make them unworthy.

Shamrock is not the only symbol with deep meaning. Different popular St Patricks Day presents include:

  • various Celtic crosses forged in gold or silver,
  • trinity knots – traditional religious symbols of Ireland.

An example of such items is the Trinity knot necklace made of gold encrusted with three green stones. There are many other options in the catalogue that serve as lovely gifts. Read the details that accompany each item and look at high-quality pictures that help you visualise how the piece will look in real life.

One of those unusual options especially suitable for this occasion is the Claddagh ring. This ring looks like two hands holding a heart with a crown with a traditional Irish symbol of love, friendship, and devotion. We are proud to present a wide assortment of Claddaghs that you can buy in a few clicks. Just go to the relevant page and sort the rings by price or material to find what you like best. The company supports constant sale, so the prices are attractive.


Making Your Choice

Our collection of designer pieces is extensive and growing so that you have a decent choice. "FJewellery" believes that you should have many options available, no matter how much money you are willing to spend. That is why the shop offers Claddagh rings with or without gems, as well as necklaces of various designs – not to mention great earrings and bangles, both brand new and refurbished. We guarantee that our customers will receive unique items at the best prices.

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