Gifts for Valentine's Day

Gifts for Valentine's Day

Gifts for Valentine's Day

What Valentine's day gift jewellery will be the best for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, or dad? Unspecified or personalised? That’s a rhetorical question. You must consider the receiver’s style and taste. Ladies value personalized things. That's why engraved items are very popuarl. Men appreciate functionality, so it's worth picking a watch that serves for years. "FJewellery" here to help you arouse the joy of your beloved ones.

Huge variety of designs

Store's jewels delight not so much with the value of the metal as with its refined design. Designers compete in sophisticated forms and colours, deriving inspiration from all possible sources – from antiquity and art to fruit stalls through industrial forms.

  1. The classics are simple, geometric shapes, one-stone silver rings, tiny ear sticks, or a jewellery stone framed with paws. It fits everything, complements clothing.
  2. The typical romantic and timeless symbol of good feelings and love is the heart. Small heart-shaped gems packed in a minimalistic box symbolise the passionate couple’s feelings. We symbolically give our heart, hoping that it will be accepted. There are fascinating designs – openwork, plain, with cubic zirconia, faceted, large and small, in the form of a box and with a photo inside.
  3. The red color is a symbol of passion, hot feelings and joy. Jewellery with stones in red shades is associated with love and ideally suited as a Valentine's Day gift.
  4. Sign of infinity. The favoured horizontal eight stands for eternal and infinite love, fidelity, loyalty. It looks complemental on bracelets.
  5. A "clover" – a sign of happiness and good luck.
  6. Bird motifs. A bit rarer but a captivating symbol of the Valentine's Day theme is bird motifs such as the "pigeon" – an emblem of love and harmony, and is connected to the cult of fertility. The silhouette of this bird in flight, with unfolded wings, looks majestic, stylish, and gives a very original character to the person wearing it.

We can mention other concepts such as the "owl", known as a symbol of wisdom, prudence, and the "wings" (an attribute of angels) mean protection, care, security, and about myths – freedom, courage, and detachment from prosaic things.

Remember not to select the type with pearls, – they are often associated with tears. Knowing those suggestions, you will be able to pick a gift, satisfy the recipient’s tastes and expectations, and bestow extraordinary pleasure.

Silver Claw Set Heart Cut Cz Solitaire Ring

What to give for Valentine Day

For women

Depending on the partner's partialities, there is a wide range of decorations. Graceful, the right solution for the wife is jeweled with a precious or semi-precious stone.

A universal and safe gift for her is classically made of silver. It is associated with nobility and elegance. Good ideas are necklaces, matching most styles (cool shades of red, turquoise or green). Our shop offers pendant hearts decorated with gems. Most women pay attention to details and like to mix classic and contemporary designs.

Gold is an everlasting classic. That’s why gold is the main element of traditional jewellery such as engagement and wedding rings for fiance and fiancee. It is suitable for clothes with warm shades: yellow, blue, pink, and contrasts with white and black. Guys should be careful and thoughtful while choosing engagement rings. It must appeal to a girlfriend and be actual for more than 50 years.

Happy people don't count time – but a watch is a great gift idea! Invest in a delicate, feminine watch. A personalised dedication transforms it into a personal gift, reminding you every time she checks what time it is.

Are you planning a romantic dinner? Give her cute gold earrings. Pick a refined version, perfect for an evening outfit.

For men

Jewels are women’s domain, but they also like to make presents to their dear men: fathers, husbands, brothers, sons. The best gift for him is a high-quality watch. A man's watch builds an elegant style and professional images, which is important in professional situations. For bold men, we offer a tasteful hand chain – with a simple but elegant weave. The bracelets are great presents that add character to styling.

The stylish, classic men's accessory is the gold cufflinks! It is an elegant must-have for those who wear suits and - one is while - a tuxedo. The variety of patterns and materials available in our assortment allows you to match cufflinks for the classy gentlemen.

For everyone

A necklace is an inexpensive and substantial way to emphasise personal character. It is important to know the recipient’s preferences – don't buy bijouterie that will serve for a short period of time. Get an excellent addition to the permanent components of her jewelry. A good suggestion is a necklace with elements in the shape of a boy and a girl or letters, symbolising your names. The letters necklace can create or include a monogram which will make it personalised. It is also a great gift for a companion or sister.

Gold or silver bracelets seem too formal and obliging? Choose fine elegant and feminine celebrity bangles on a string for a school friend or a colleague. Attractive pendants with popular motifs such as a heart, a clover, or an infinity sign hung on a string, can be worn every day. Celebrity bracelets are often the decoration of the hands of Hollywood stars.

Create a set! A selected gift brings closer and expresses the heart's secrets. Give your beloved a creative, personally composed jewellery set. Such creation will conquer a piece of your world.

9ct Gold Heart Pendant

Which material to choose from?

We should consider individual preferences, skin tone, skin sensitivity, and material durability, weight, forms (big or little), maintenance factors, and price. The preferences relate to the harmony of the visual impression that makes jewellery pleasing to the eye.

1. In its pure state, gold is a bright yellow easy to polish metal, soft, ductile, and malleable (1 kg of gold can produce a strong wire, 2,000 m long). Since antiquity, yellow gold has been a classic jewellery metal for its warmth, brilliance, and value. Gold is soft, stretchy, and bright. It fuses to obtain the desired hardness, strength, and color. A popular white gold is an alloy and divides into palladium, called noble, (palladium is a decolourising additive), and nickel (nickel plays the role of a decolorising component).


  • it has a moderately dense structure, lends itself well to forging;
  • comfortable to use: does not corrode or fade over time;
  • Success, the embodiment of style and impeccable taste, and endowed with a sacred meaning. That is why wedding and engagement rings, pectoral crosses, etc. are made of gold.

2. Silver is soft, malleable, easily formed into various shapes, and drawn into thin wires and foils (useful in making ornaments since antiquity). It is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity. Due to silver’s specific physical and chemical properties, its alloys and chemical compounds find numerous applications in industry, electrical engineering, photography, and ... of course, jewellery. Since the 14th century, the most popular alloy is 925 – it is high-purity, containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.


  • beautiful lustre, bright and distinct;
  • easily "responds" to various processing techniques: cutting, pulling, twisting, rolling, polishing, etc.;
  • rhodium-plated silver does not darken, retains its presentable appearance for years;
  • affordable price range, which is why silver designer items are in great demand.

3. Platinum owes its name to the Spanish word "platina". Platinum is less common in nature and is expensive. It has grey and white in color but does not tarnish like silver.


  • in chemical terms – moderately stable does not oxidise, retains its color under the influence of high temperatures;
  • dense enough, which gives it durability, reliability, is an excellent support for diamonds;
  • has a high reflectivity, so custom-made jewellery shimmers beautifully in daylight and evening light.

Jewellery in our online shop does not have any harmful galvanic coatings, which are a poor and cheap substitute, often used by manufacturers.

Silver Perfume/Ashes Heart Holder Pendant

Keeping it clean

Silver deteriorates, so it requires more maintenance. Gold and platinum do not deteriorate, but oils, makeup, creams, sprays, cleaners do them tarnish. Mild soapy water and cloth are often all we need to fix it.

In addition to the standard offer, we organise promotions, sales – including the occasional one on Happy Valentine Day! If you want to give your wife, girlfriend, an extraordinary gift – check out our promotions!

If you need a present, we are happy to help you. We promise you will feel special and remember the day for a long time. We are making efforts to ensure that assortment impresses you. There is a wide selection of delicate yet effective, everyday products. The store has an unlimited choice, convenience of shopping, and discretion – surprise your beloved and find the unique jewellery without leaving your home.

"FJewellery" has been supplying jewellery to its customers for many years. You will be pleasantly surprised by the highest quality of all products and the best of service from our employees. Just open the catalogue and start choosing.

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