Valentine's Day rings

Valentine's Day rings

Valentine's Day rings

Valentine's Day is coming up – check out our beautiful rings

The most significant “lover's holiday” is coming. A woman expects a surprise from her man. The main question for him is the: "What to buy on February 14?" What can be the best piece of jewellery for his better half? The rings for Valentine day – one of the most desired gifts. Remember, February 14th is the perfect time for a proposal and expressing your feelings by choosing a traditional "FJewellery" diamond solitaire engagement ring. All products ensure:

  • durability – with proper care, the products give pleasure to their owners for years;
  • practicality – silver earrings, gold necklaces with pendants heart is safe to wear – the probability of an allergic reaction is very low so;
  • appearance – the products look elegant and luxurious, emphasising individuality, you can find unusual and original models.

Range of products for sale is mesmerising, – thanks to a variety of techniques and imagination of the jewellers, real works of art are created.

18ct Yellow Gold 1.00cts Diamond Half Eternity Ring 4mm

On this romantic day, the cinema experience, a walk, or a homemade dinner is a beautiful prelude for boyfriend asking his lady to marry him. To make this moment memorable, you need a diamond ring. Our store offers these variants of fashionable engagement rings.

The purpose of February 14th is to bring joy to lovers and friends. We can express our feelings, picking up an original gift for her in the form of jewellery with precious stones.

A heart-shaped eyelet ring is a safe variant which won't be mistakenly considered as an engagement ring. A store offers a vast selection with a gold heart-shaped plate instead of a conventional eyelet.

If you intend to propose, select a traditional variant. Your loved one will wear a ring all the time, so universality is a must. Match the shape, colour, and size of a gift to a person’s character, taste, and style. When you find the perfect model, just give it to your chosen one. Remember to tell your loved one that it isn't a ring for February 14 only.

The brilliance of diamonds

Giving a woman a gift, symbolizing love is a good idea. But you must prepare. It's very hard for a man to choose the right item. They are fully occupied with jewel selection and organisation of the whole day for his loved one.

Our team suggests taking care of the planning. Take a lady to a concert of her favourite band. Propose when the event is over, but the thrill remains.

Be careful. A ring is not the best gift for a couple not ready to get married. Because a woman associates it with a marriage proposal.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day rings include golden, retro, and classic signet models. Ladies prefer jewellery with many elements. If you do not have a lot of money, it is better to choose ornaments with small stones. Gold combined with white stones is a conventional and fashionable choice that a woman will enthusiastically receive.

Such a cheap gift is a souvenir for years. Minimalistic pieces made of silver rings, with delicate ornaments, are good for creating stylish compositions and are suitable for wear at any work.

9ct Yellow Gold 0.25ct Diamond Wishbone Ring

Fine white gold with diamonds

In addition to traditional rings, contemporary designs are presented in the catalogue. A wide, square-shaped ring is a real blockbuster of contemporary jewellery. White gold densely lined with diamonds will beautifully decorate any ring finger and put the captivating accent on the hand.

Even if the perfect plan for the holiday goes wrong, the moment of just being with your girlfriend will make up for the spoiled plan. A small box is easy to put in a pocket of your trousers or jacket. Don't waste energy on fancy decorative packaging. The important thing is its content, your emotions, and the woman's reaction.

A modest and tasteful declaration of love

A Legend says, “a ring should cost a minimum of two payouts.” Such a myth does not have to be true. In the assortment of our online shop "FJewellery", you find pieces of jewellery for affordable prices. The money saved on the purchase of the ring can be used to realise other romantic plans.

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