A complete list of the most special gifts

A complete list of the most special gifts

Wedding set

Let's try to guess what day could be more meaningful for lovers than their wedding date? Of course, it's an anniversary! And each subsequent one is even more important and special than the previous one, because every year the history of the family grows, new events, happy moments and shared memories are added. Every year on this day, the husband and wife again take oaths of love and fidelity to each other, and exchange the most valuable and pleasant gifts. It's also nice when close friends and family remember this date and sincerely congratulate the lovers. And the experts of the FJewellery store, in turn, have prepared a detailed and useful article from which you will learn everything about suitable presentations for such a celebration.

Wedding anniversary gift guide

Over time, the family union is strengthened, relationships become closer, and love is stronger. So, it's with presents - it all starts with simple ones. But regardless of cost and size - they all have special meaning and great importance for a couple.

Wedding anniversary gift

Each date has its own specific theme associated with certain materials, shades, shapes. Also, each date has its own colours and precious stones symbolizing it (to be indicated in brackets). However, time doesn't stand still, people's preferences and needs change, and with them the classic list of presents for certain dates also changes. Below are both traditional and contemporary presents for each anniversary from 1st to 20th and every 5 years thereafter:

1. Paper and Clock. (yellow; gold)
Watches made of gold will be an excellent and practical gift option.

2. Cotton and Porcelain. (red; garnet)
Jewellery with this stone, a china service for two, or a luxurious bedding kit in matching colours are great present.

3. Leather and Crystal, Glass. (white; pearls and jade)
Ideas: leather bracelet, pearl earrings, jade ring, sets of wine glasses.

4. Fruits, Flowers, Wool, Silk and Home appliances. (green and blue; topaz)
An elegant bouquet, a coffee machine, a wine fridge, a juicer, silk underwear, warm and cozy socks, jewellery with topaz.

5. Wood and Silverware. (turquoise, blue, pink; sapphire)
Beautiful kit of silverware, carved wooden goblets, silver accessories with sapphires in a vintage style.

6. Candy, Iron and Wooden items. (white, turquoise, purple; amethyst)
Forged or wooden figurines, many delicious sweets and a locket with an amethyst.

7. Copper, Wool and Brass, Desk Sets. (yellow and shades of white; onyx)
Warm winter sweater, cute accessories for the workplace, antique copper or brass dishes, an onyx bracelet.

8. Salt, Ceramics, Bronze and Lace. (bronze; tourmaline)
Handmade tableware, vintage bronze jewelry with tourmaline of an unusual shade, sexy lingerie.

9. Copper, Willow, Pottery and Leather. (terracotta; lapis lazuli)
Kits of clay cups, copper figurines, a wicker picnic basket, a pendant with lapis lazuli on a thick leather cord.

10. Aluminum, Tin and Diamond Jewellery. (blue and silver; diamond)
A gold ring with a shining diamond, and it's the best!

11. Steel and Decorations. (turquoise)
An unusual kit of accessories with turquoise inserts.

12. Silk, Wool and Pearls, Home Decor. (oyster white; jade)
Cozy blanket, silk bedding, classic pearl necklace.

13. Lace and Textile. (white; citrine)
Stylish outfits or citrine decorations.

14. Ivory and Jewellery made of gold. (ivory black; opal)
Baby elephant in the form of a soft toy or gold earrings with opals.

15. Crystal and Clock. (red; ruby)
A luxurious set of jewellery with rubies and Swarovski crystals or an elegant watch-locket.

16. Wax and Silverware. (emerald, silver, green; peridot)
Handmade candles, a silver kitchen kit, an accessory with a matching green crystal.

17. Furniture. (yellow; carnelian)
The gift idea is pretty obvious.

18. Porcelain. (blue; cat's eye)
A natural stone bracelet or a cute tea set.

19. Bronze. (bronze; aquamarine)
A beautiful aquamarine ring or an unusual metal bangle.

20. China and Platinum. (deep green; emerald)
A luxurious precious necklace or a large set of handmade ceramic dishes.

25. Exclusively silver! And this is an international tradition. You can choose anything from this magnificent metal.

30. Pearl and Diamond. (all shades of green)
Jewelry will be very relevant.

35. Coral and Jade. (coral; emerald)
Giving jewelry has almost become a tradition.

Wedding anniversary gift

40. Ruby. The colour scheme and stone match. What to give is also clear.

45. Sapphire. Here, too, everything is standard and corresponds to the main theme of the event.

50. Gold. Anything related to this noble metal would be a good choice!

55. Emerald. The mascot stone can also be alexandrite. Decorating with these two gems will be very welcome!

60. Diamond wedding! And here everything around should shine and sparkle as brightly as these luxurious crystals.

Traditionally, on this anniversary, the count ends, and so does our article. We hope you were interested, and you learned something new for yourself. Meanwhile, we are waiting for you on our website FJewellery, where on the blog you can read a lot of original notes about precious accessories, and in the catalogue, you can buy the best jewelry at the most affordable prices. Welcome!

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