The main thing is in the details

The main thing is in the details


When it comes to a wedding celebration, the first thing on the mind of newlyweds is outfits. Of course, the dress and costume are very important, and they set the tone for the whole event. In addition, they must be ideally matched with each other. However, in order to create a holistic and vivid image, small details and accessories are a must! FJewellery experts have studied the latest fashion trends in bridal accessories and put them together in this article. Let's get started!

Wedding jewellery trends: a guide for the bride & groom

A wedding is an amazing event for two lovers, which will remain in their memory for a lifetime. And the brighter, more beautiful and richer it goes, the more emotion it will deliver to everyone present. Recently, it has become popular to decorate the entire ceremony in a single, specific style. Weddings are often themed or have one or two specific colours. This applies to the outfits of future spouses and guests, the design of the location, tables, flowers and everything else. And an important role, in this case, will be played by precious accessories present in the image of the bride and her future husband. We will discuss them in more detail.

Wedding jewellery trends

Jewellery for the bride

And so, you have found it - that very perfect and unique wedding dress, and it looks just amazing! But the image consists not only of one snow-white outfit; there are other details that will complement it and become a real highlight.

A classic among jewelry trends are earrings that fully match the style of the engagement ring. If you have it simple and concise, then buy small and elegant stud earrings. If the ring is more eccentric and voluminous, then large drop earrings will look great. The most important thing is that the jewelry is made of the same metal, and if there are gem inserts, they must also be in harmony with each other. This also applies to all other accessories:

Here are some expert tips to make your look perfect:

  1. Other rings will be superfluous. Don't distract attention from the main accessory of this day.
  2. Neck jewelry should match the neckline of your dress. If it is deep and extravagant, then you should choose the appropriate necklace, but a thin chain with a small diamond pendant is more suitable for an elegant and modest dress.
  3. If you opted for a dress with an open back, accentuate it with an elegant gold chain that flows smoothly along the spine.
  4. Precious hair ornaments are increasingly replacing the classic veil, and it's not surprising, because with them, you can create very unusual and original hairstyles.
  5. Tiara is a luxurious and expensive accessory that gives the bride a truly royal charm and makes her a real princess.
  6. Garters don't have to be made of fabric and lace. Many girls prefer pearl or gold garters with gems. It looks incredibly impressive and unconventional.

Other details of the image can be decorated with silver, gold and bright gemstones; it could be:

  • clutch,
  • gloves,
  • fan,
  • bouquet,
  • wreath,
  • voile,
  • etc.

Never be afraid to experiment with extraordinary details (textures, colours, shapes) - remember that even from the familiar classics you can make something unusual, spectacular and memorable, you just have to want and try!

Wedding jewellery trends

Jewellery for the groom

Who said that only the bride should shine in jewelry at a wedding? This is an obvious anachronism. The groom should look stylish, and this can be achieved with the help of precious accessories:

We also have a few guidelines to help you create the perfect male look:

  1. The rule of "one metal for the whole image" also applies here.
  2. All jewellery should be in the same style and in harmony with the wedding ring.
  3. If there are gemstone inserts, they should be the same as in the bride's accessories.
  4. Watches are one of the most popular decoration for men. They will underline the style and status of the wearer, besides, what could be better suited to an elegant costume?
  5. If you prefer eccentricity in everything, try to complement your bow tie or boutonniere with precious inserts.

The most basic is that the newlyweds should look like each other - bright, beautiful and happy! Choose a single style, stick to it, and this day will be the most amazing and magical for you! And look for the best, inexpensive and high-quality accessories in the FJewellery website catalogue. We will help you make this celebration the brightest and most unforgettable!

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