What is a body chain

What is a body chain

Body chain

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Body chains are an ultra-fashionable, stylish, bright accessory that made a splash in the fashion industry a few years ago, conquered all world fashionistas and became almost the main trend. These decorations represent sexuality, freedom and beauty! They are about women and for women of all ages; and they simply must be in the collection of every lady! The experts of the online store FJewellery have put together all the most interesting and useful facts about this jewelry, and we are eager to share them with you. So, let's reveal all the secrets together and finally find out "what is a body chain?".

How it all began

The tradition of gold decorating the body, in particular the waist and hips, appeared a long time ago. Such decorations are considered traditional attributes of oriental dancers. Thus, beautiful young performers placed accents and riveted the viewer's attention to the most "dancing" part of the torso. However, such jewelry was worn not only by dancers. At different times and in different countries, the presence of such precious accessories on the body emphasized the status and wealth of their owners, demonstrated superiority over everyone else.

  1. India. There was even a separate term - patka. First of all, it was a religious attribute that was worn before going to a ceremony in a temple. There is a legend that even Krishna himself wore such an accessory. Indeed, if you look at the images of the Hindu deity, you will see that his waist is adorned with a belt of pure gold. In addition to the religious background, there was another - status. If an Indian had such an adornment on the body, it meant that in front of you was a very rich and influential person. This proved the presence of other golden jewellery, which the people of India always wore in large quantities.
  2. Maldives. Until the end of the 18th century, such accessories on the body, especially at the waist, were worn by all high-ranking persons of this island - this was mandatory by law. In fact, this decoration was something of a distinctive mark for the most respected members of society: scientists, judges, lawyers and other influential people.
  3. Ancient Rus. Oddly enough, this eastern tradition was first adopted in the Siberian region. And these were not thin and graceful links, to which we are accustomed, but large and massive adornments of gold, decorated on the sides. Again, only very rich ladies could wear them, which emphasized their status and influence. Here, such jewelry was not cheap and not every girl could afford them.

body chain

And although this accessory has a rather rich and long history, for some time it was unjustifiably forgotten. At the beginning of this century, it slowly but surely began to return - it can be seen on the luxurious bodies of celebrities and in the collections of the most famous fashion houses. But after that, such elements again disappeared from sight for almost 20 years, and only recently they triumphantly returned and burst into the world of fashion, like a breath of a fresh breeze. All eminent designers immediately caught this trend and made it a real must-have for any girl. Several brands at once had entire collections based on these accessories, and show business stars regularly appeared in such precious necklace worn all over the body, on red carpet and other prominent events.

Varieties and features

In this case, we don't take into account the classic jewellery, which is usually worn on the wrists, neck and even ankles. We are shifting the focus of attention to custom adornments that are worn on all other parts of the body. And, of course, we are not talking about simple inexpensive bijouterie.

Such adornments are made, as a rule, from sterling silver or traditional 14kt gold. Since these products are made quite light and graceful, they are often covered on top with the thinnest layer of rhodium. This noble metal adds strength to precious accessories and protects them from any unwanted damage. It also makes the jewellery shine especially brightly, and they last longer.

Very often, such precious threads are decorated with additional inserts. These can be various precious stones or slightly cheaper semi-precious crystals. For example, in combination with delicate rose gold, a sea pearl looks great, and traditional yellow aurum looks undeniably great when paired with a sparkling natural diamond. But small and very cute Swarovski crystals are often added to the laconic silver links. In fact, you can add any jewelry elements to the precious base (beads, enamel, ceramics, etc.) - everything is limited only by the design features and the creator's imagination.

The cost of these jewelries varies greatly and in each price category there are very worthy options - you can choose a product for any budget.

Now let's focus on each type in a little more detail:

  1. Belly chain. Designed to be worn at the waist and this is a real classic, it all started with them. Such jewelry was worn by oriental dancers, Maldivian judges and Slavic noble ladies. True, contemporary ones are many times thinner and lighter than their predecessors.
  2. Chain belt. This decoration is intended to be worn on the hips. Earlier, when trousers and jeans with a low rise were in fashion, such accessories were threaded into the holes for the belt, but today their location varies depending on the general style and image of the wearer, as well as on the specific model of jewelry. For example, it can be raised a little higher, but on the one hand, lowered to the thigh ​- any flight of imagination!
  3. Body jewelry neck to belly chain or even lower. Such decoration is much more versatile, and you can find a lot of applications for it. So, it can be worn without or over clothing, it can be combined with any other precious elements or used as an independent accessory.

The latter type has become so popular that it even acquired its own subspecies:

  • Harness chain. Extremely sexy and unusual accessory preferred by the most relaxed and self-confident ladies.
  • Chain epaulettes. Extravagant jewelry, which at the same time can look very solid and strict, if you choose the right garment. There are models for both one shoulder and two at once.
  • Chain garter. It looks very impressive and seductive. There are models that are created by analogy with a suspender belt.

In addition, don't forget about one more original accessory - a head chain. With them, it's quite easy to make an original hairstyle and fill the whole look with special charm. By the way, this element also came to us from the eastern countries.

How to wear and what to combine with

This jewellery go well with different outfits and there should be no problems with the selection of the image. This is a fine universal accessory.

First of all, it's worth noting that such decoration looks great on a naked body and if you want to arrange a pleasant surprise for your boyfriend, this is the best option! Thin chains are beautifully combined with delicate lace lingerie, corsets, etc. Just imagine how elegant a leg looks in a thin stocking, over which a precious garter is put on. Incredibly sexy!

By the way, as far as garters are concerned, this is an ideal option for brides. These gold links are now increasingly replacing the standard lace. Agree, a bridal gown with such a twist looks very extraordinary.

The neck-to-waist necklaces are often worn over the finest evening gowns. A lot of celebrities show up wearing adornments like this, and it looks really expensive and chic.

body chain

How to complement a bright cocktail dress so that you can be the center of attention at any party? Full shoulder chains are the best option. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the details and everything will be fine!

But the timeless classic is still graceful body jewellery with an open bikini. Summer is the perfect time to beautify naked body parts. And doing it somewhere by the pool or on the seaside is especially pleasant. Imagine - the setting sun glides over the waves and the entire beach is immersed in its rays, a slender girl in a delicate snow-white swimsuit and thin sparkling silver links trickle down her tanned body - is this not a fantasy?

However, for bathing suit, you also need to choose the right accessory. It's easier to find attributes for separate sets, but sometimes you come across interesting options for one-piece swimsuits. Add sunscreen, sunglasses and a radiant smile - and everyone's attention is guaranteed!

This chain is a very self-sufficient element of an outfit in itself and looks quite normal as the only piece of jewelry. But no one forbids adding other accessories to the kit – it’s important that they look as harmonious as possible with each other and don't overload the image as a whole. Remember that if you are assembling a set of jewelry, they should all be of the same metal, match in colours and general style. Today in any catalog of jewelry there is such a rich selection that it will not be difficult to find suitable items. For instance:

An important point - if you want to buy decoration for everyday wear, it's better to take a simpler and more inexpensive model, and leave luxurious expensive accessories for special occasions and important events.

We hope that thanks to this article you will learn a lot of interesting things for yourself and take a new look at full body chains. And for tips on other accessories, as well as the largest assortment of any jewelry - check out the FJewellery website. Here you will find a lot of useful information and the coolest range! Welcome!

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