Collection: Yellow Gold Chains

Buy chains made of 14 carat yellow gold in FJewellery online

14k yellow gold chains are the most classic version of jewellery that suits absolutely everyone: mature ladies, young girls and men of all ages. This accessory can be bought as a gift even for a child, for example, for the first birthday or christening - a universal gold present! And the largest assortment of these decorations is in sale at the Fjewellery store. Here you'll find the most affordable prices, convenient payment and delivery terms, as well as many interesting bonuses and discounts for all our customers.

How to choose a 14 ct chain?

Yellow aurum is a status and solid metal that glows incredibly beautifully in the sun. Craftsmen-jewellers create from it truly delightful precious accessories, both simple and laconic, and striking with incredible design.

The 14 karat yellow gold chain is considered a basic unisex accessory that is perfect for any style of clothing and can be a real highlight for any outfit. There are many weave types, on which the appearance of the entire jewellery depends, and most importantly, its strength.

Women usually prefer to wear thinner and more delicate chains that look neat on the neck and which can be complemented by a small pendant with a precious gemstone. Mens 14 carat chains are larger and have more bulky links. They are worn as separate independent accessory, without adding anything. Children's models are small in size and are often decorated with multi-coloured fancy pendants made of jewellery ceramics or enamel.

14 karat yellow gold chain

A high-quality fastener is of great importance, because the safety of the decoration depends on it. The most reliable and worth noticing are:

  • carbine,
  • box clasp,
  • toggle.

The 14 kt gold chain looks great when paired with other jewellery and compliments them well. Together with it, you can buy the following precious accessories:

In the Fjewellery boutique catalogue you will find a huge selection of various gold accessories that you can purchase in addition to the 14kt yellow gold chain. On the site, you can easily select the models you are interested in using detailed images, compare their cost and characteristics. And our consultants will answer any questions you have and, if necessary, will help you choose the most ideal piece of jewellery. Welcome!