Collection: Gold Elephant Earrings

Buy Elephant Design Earrings made of Gold in FJewellery online

If you want to add a cute touch of variety to your look, then pretty elephant gold earrings are exactly what you need in this situation! Small, delicate and so funny, these charming accessories can serve as both the first childrens decorations and the highlight for the images of a more mature and determined woman. There is no reason to give up your desires and not buy yourself such a beautiful accessory if you really want it! And you can do it in the FJewellery online boutique, where we have prepared for you a whole collection of such models at a very attractive price - even if your budget is no more than £100, you can purchase what you want here! Welcome!

Selection of the flawless model - the main components

In any jewelry, everything always starts with choosing the right type of metal - this is the basis on which the further wear resistance and durability of the product depends. And in this case, the most popular and practical option is 14k gold - beautiful, noble and with many original shades. A 14-carat purity alloy with a thin top coating will ensure long-term preservation of your jewel, protection from mechanical damage and amazing brilliance for a long time. The colour of the metal depends only on your preferences and the style of your basic precious wardrobe.

If you want to focus on an accessory only due to its unusual shape, then a design without additional innuendos will be ideal for you. In all other cases, such a wonderful gemstone as cubic zirconia will be the perfect complement. Tiny transparent crystals have a low cost, impeccable clarity and incredible brilliance, which can compete with more expensive natural stones. They seem to be made for fancy stud earrings and will give them a particularly subtle charm.

Gold elephant earrings are very comfortable to wear on ear due to the convenient clasp, streamlined shape and small dimensions. Solid precious elephants have a small height and width, due to which they can be worn not only on the lobe, but also in other ear piercings above. This is true when combined with more massive womens earrings or blending various types of studs in one kit.

You can also assemble an unusual jewellery set based on golden elephants and complement them with other accessories of the same fancy or, on the contrary, completely different styles - by mixing various shapes, shades and designs, you can get an extremely unusual and spectacular result. To do this, you can take a closer look at other products for her from our assortment, for example:

All products that are on sale on the website have a detailed description, which is accompanied by real pictures - so it will be easier for you to understand how the model looks and whether it suits you personally. And if you have any questions or need expert advice - FJewellery managers are ready to help at any time! Our experts will assist you at all stages of the purchase and will be able to resolve any of your doubts. Join now and enjoy impeccable service and the best deals!