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Hoop earrings made out of gold have been a popular accessory choice for millennia. They frame the face beautifully, emphasising one’s natural facial features. FJewellery’s collection of 9ct gold hoop earrings includes over 3,000 designs, from smooth and polished traditional circular hoops to more eclectic shapes and styles. Whether you prefer a minimalist hoop earring or one that’s studded with gemstones, our catalogue is sure to satisfy. Fun and flirty or fresh and fierce? The choice is yours, here on FJewellery.

9ct Gold Hoop Earrings9ct Gold Hoop Earrings

The circle is the most frequently reproduced geometric figure in jewellery. In the FJewellery assortment, you will find a wealth of 9 carat gold earrings hoops patterns in the shape of a circle.

Lovers of the classics will be delighted with the choice of casual style and accessories for special occasions that draw attention with their timeless shape, exquisite details and delight with diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, topazes, amethysts, agates, onyxes, and cubic zirconia.


The fashion of the 90s returns, and stylish hoops - the quintessential fashion of those years - are back in an updated version. They give a new character to many styles, attract attention and make even an ordinary outfit look polished.
People associate them with minimalism. For sleek, simple earrings, at most, white rhinestones or diamonds are added. But that's a myth. The repertoire is varied, and we prove it in our store.

The classic models mentioned above are noteworthy, but also earrings with multi-coloured stones, with interesting geometric shapes (with reference to art deco), and extra large ones with amber pearls, etc. Customers looking for alternative solutions can also find interesting black ones. Thus, the possibilities are many.

Women prize luxurious gold hoop earrings. For centuries, this metal has been a symbol of flawless beauty — which is why ladies reach for jewelry made from it so eagerly. This gold jewellery of the highest quality will accompany you for many years without changing its look and properties.

Moreover, they can be made in different colours - yellow, white, pink, black. This means that every lady finds something just suitable for her beauty type, style.


These accessories are an absolute must-have accessory for every woman, including classic hoops that go with any outfit. The catalogue is so vast that everyone will find something suitable and appropriate for the occasion, according to the shape of the face and the style chosen. In the FJewellery store, you will find original hoop earrings made of the highest quality materials!

There are two types of hoops:

  • up to 2 cm in diameter;
  • more than 2 cm in diameter.

Hoops are versatile and suitable for any kind of face. There are plain or inlaid stones, thin or voluminous, with patterns, diamond or enamel cuts.

Ear hoops make your look sensual and are preferred by passionate women. It beautifully accentuates a long neck. But this part of the body does not have to be exposed. Turtlenecks, scarves, jackets are suitable for them. And for open clothes, such as a cocktail dress, you need a ring or bracelet with a similar design.

Silver hoops are a cheap version and cost less. They look just as phenomenal as gold and suit fantastic types of beauty. Besides, some ladies choose silver because they are neutral and go well with casual clothes and accessories.

How to buy

When choosing 9ct gold hoops, you need to pay attention to two things that determine the convenience of wearing them – the clasp and the ear hole position, also how they will look.

The lock, inserted into the ear, should be smooth, invisible. This condition is vital for smooth earrings because they tend to rotate. You may not even notice when the lock is on the front side.

Check out if one side outweighs? Is the centre of gravity shifted? If so, it will be uncomfortable to wear jewellery. The 'right' earrings have all the decorative elements - bulges, stones, beads - placed evenly along the ring’s length, symmetrically and clearly in the centre.

How to style hoops

Hoops were associated with kitsch and the fashion of the 2000s. Now it is a real hit that reigns on the catwalks and city streets. Hoops are fashionable jewellery accessories of recent seasons. They range in size from small, tiny circles to medium and gigantic hoops. They can be as thin as a thread and as thick as doughnuts. The most fashionable ones are those slightly deformed or those with additional embellishments in the form of pearls, oysters or space motifs. What to wear them with? Well, the answer is — with everything! There are no style restrictions; you can wear both a grey sweatshirt and an evening dress. It makes them versatile pieces of jewellery. You will find chunky models in silver and gold; some stores have avant-garde models in plastic or wood.

Hoops Earrings made of 9kt GoldHoops Earrings made of 9kt Gold

You will find delicate and unique rose, white and yellow gold 9 kt gold hoop earrings with big precious stones (diamonds, onyxes, malachite) in our store.

Our store helps people express what is essential and timeless. Therefore, its quality is unquestionable. The brand has created the most beautiful jewellery designs made of gold, silver, gemstones, and other precious metals. The FJewellery catalogue includes images of finely crafted:

Decorated with diamonds and other precious stones, they delight with brilliance and make life's moments special.