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Ring earrings are one of the first jewellery pieces created by man. Today jewellers offer a huge range of these pieces in a variety of precious metals and stones. 14k gold huggie earrings are perfect for everyday wear. The FJewellery online shop offers these earrings and other models.

Huggie Earrings. Features and Advantages

Huggie earrings are hoop earrings. They gently hug the earlobe, fitting snugly against it. Hence the name of this model with this design.

An archaeologist finds hoop earrings dating back to 2500 BC. In the 16th century and later, small hoop earrings were very popular among sailors. Since then they have undergone significant changes. In addition to mini-models, jewellers offer pieces in larger sizes. These include jewellery with precious stones. Either way, they are practical and cosy.

The advantages of huggie earrings:

  • They do not get tangled up in your hair.
  • The earrings fit snugly on the earlobe and are almost invisible when worn correctly in the right size.
  • They have a secure and safe lock that is easy to fasten and completely invisible.
  • Versatility. The product doesn't compromise facial proportions, so it suits almost everyone.

14-carat gold jewellery

The most popular earrings are made of different types of gold. If you choose jewellery for everyday wear, 14 karat gold huggie earrings are perfect for you. Alloy 14kt is quite solid and durable. In addition, products made of it are highly resistant to all kinds of external influences. They therefore retain their attractive appearance for a long time.

14k gold huggie earrings

14ct gold is used to make many other pieces of jewellery. Therefore, you can choose from chains without a gemstone, gold cross, necklaces initial, etc. for earrings any time. Thus, you can get a stylish set of jewellery at an affordable cost.

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How to buy earrings online

Online shopping for jewellery is becoming increasingly popular today. They don't take much time and cost less. You can see what is available in sale in our online shop’s catalogue. There you can find images and descriptions of each item.

The FJewellery online shop offers not only huggie style gold earrings, but also many other models, as well as buckle rings, modern wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and much more. The prices are affordable and the service is quick.