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Buy lockets for Mother's Day in FJewellery online

Mothering should be capital sunday is a special day, before and the gifts should be the same. Lockets for mothers day chic gift option! Such a gift will demonstrate your warmth and love for your mum. The largest assortment of such pendants and lockets is presented in the F Jewellery online store and you can buy them here at the most pleasant prices. Welcome to the sale!

Locket - decoration with a secret

The locket is a very unusual jewellery accessorise. Since ancient times, people have worn roundels as talismans and amulets. They believed that this little thing, given by a loved one, would protect them. It also reminds of the dear, wherever he is.

The design of medallions has always been different, and people hid things dear to their hearts in them:

  • pictures,
  • letters,
  • the faces of the saints,
  • prayers,
  • strands of hair.

Scented lockets were very popular. A small pillow soaked in perfume was placed inside and the aroma spread through special holes on the body of the product. Usually, parents give medallions with something valuable to their children and children - to their parents. That is why it has become customary to give mothers day locket.

Which locket to choose?

Contemporary medallions are most often made from silver or gold. Such jewellery looks very original with inlaid with precious stones, diamond cut or engraving. For Mother's Day, it's very popular to engrave with the word "mum".

You can wear such a roundel for any style of clothing. Jewellery made of silver or white gold without inserts is perfect for wearing for casual. And for an evening dress, you can wear a more refined accessorise made of yellow metal with inserts of bright gems.

In addition to this locket, you can give:

You can order a mother's day locket and other decorations for it in a set on the website of the F Jewellery store. Our catalogue contains various options for adornments and it will not be difficult to choose a special medallion for mama. You will also be delighted with our cheap prices, many discounts and loyal service.