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Men are very reserved when it comes to jewellery and choose it very carefully. A cross-shaped 14 karat gold diamond pendant, on the other hand, will satisfy the most demanding man. It is practical, reliable and testifies to the high status of the wearer. This pendant is an ideal gift for a loved one that will be appreciated. You can buy it at FJewellery online shop.

Features of men's pendants

The tradition of men wearing pendants goes back centuries. These were fangs or claws of animals. They were evidence of the wearer's dexterity and strength. The man believed that these pendants protected against evil spirits. Modern pendants differ from the former not only in appearance but also in the meaning that is put into them. Even today, many men wear a gold fang or wild animal head pendant on the neck, as a symbol of bravery.

One of the most popular pieces of jewellery for him is the cross. Modern jewellers offer crosses in a variety of designs. They can be religious or purely decorative. The first one is required to comply with religious canons. The second one can be made in any style. They are mostly made of gold (yellow, white or a combination of these). Rolex crosses are also popular. It is created by weaving gold plates together. But jewellery inlaid with a gemstone looks particularly presentable.

14ct Gold Diamond Pendants

The 14k gold and diamond pendant is best suited to everyday wear. 14-carat gold is hard and durable. It is ready to withstand any possible external influences without losing its appeal. The diamonds give it a special. At the same time, the use of 14 ct precious metals can reduce the cost of the product somewhat.

Where to buy 14k gold pendant with diamonds

The cross is a piece of jewellery that doesn't need to be tried on. Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose it online. Just browse the pictures in the catalogue, read the model description and compare the price.

The FJewellery online shop offers a wide assortment of jewellery in 14 kt gold and other precious metals. Not only crosses, but also other jewellery for men and women`s are in sale, including:

Shopping here is easy and cost-effective. Choose a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift and place your order.