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If you're currently choosing accessories in this section, you've probably already decided on the metal. It's silver, and it's a great choice! These pieces look beautiful on the skin. That said, silver earrings for women don't cost a fortune. You can put together a whole collection of jewellery at an attractive price, and the FJewellery online shop is happy to help.

Why are ladies' sterling silver earrings a great choice?

You may be surprised, but there was a time when silver was valued more than gold. And its brilliance is still considered the most striking visual characteristic today. Pure gold, like real silver, is rarely used in jewellery. It is all about softness. These metals scratch easily and require frequent polishing. To improve their properties, jewellers use 925 sterling silver alloys. The figures should be as follows: 92.5% of the alloy is pure silver, and the other 7.5% is an alloy (e.g., copper, which can increase the hardness of the finished piece).

Women's Silver EarringsWomen's Silver Earrings

What should you look out for when choosing female earrings for yourself or as a gift?

There are several parameters to help you decide on the shape and design of your jewellery:

  • Your mood. You'll read these parameters below, but the rules are made to be broken. If you come across a piece of jewellery in silver, feel free to choose it. It's often this approach that helps you choose exactly the pieces you feel comfortable in.
  • For what occasion? Earrings, like outfits, are carefully chosen for a specific occasion. Going to a party suggests brightness, and going to a wedding suggests tenderness, while something simple, light, or very cheerful (very much depends on your mood) may be suitable for putting together an everyday look.
  • The look you want to create. Jewellers have created a plethora of designs from which you can select the ideal one for any occasion. But only you know the effect you want to achieve. You can go to a party with friends in simple stud earrings, boho-style pieces, rings in extremely large diameters, chain pendants, and gemstones... who do you want to be that evening?
  • We are not advocates of following hard and fast rules. But it's still worth taking advantage of some of the designer's recommendations. Particularly the harmony of the look, and the visual weight. There's nothing worse than choosing an accessory that will fall out of place. Wearing flashy silver earrings today? Make sure other accessories don't compete with them. In this case, it can be a plain cross, chains snake or another type of weaving, or even a pendant's heart, but without too much elaborate decoration.
  • Your hairstyle. The next important parameter is one that many people are aware of. It creates a cohesive look and needs to blend into the look. There are on-ear models that are ideal for festive or gathered occasions, and others that look great with loose hair. Use these techniques to create a unique look.

The FJewellery online shop loves to surprise its favourite customers. That's why you'll always find a wide assortment of sterling silver earrings for girls online, in different styles and designs, at attractive prices. Detailed photos and descriptions, as well as concierge advice, will help you make the right choice. Enjoy your shopping!