A budget jewellery gift guide for everyone

A budget jewellery gift guide for everyone

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Precious accessories can safely be called the most pleasant and welcome surprise for our friends and family for any holiday. Who wouldn't love to receive a sparkling jewel, chosen with such love and care, as a gift? However, there are quite a lot of holidays, and it's not always possible to meet the allotted budget. Because of this, many refuse this idea, believing that it's impossible to buy good decorations cheaply. FJewellery shop experts are ready to argue with that! And as proof, we have prepared for you a selection of the most attractive and high-quality products in various price ranges. Study it and you will have no more doubts!

Affordable price doesn't equal poor quality!

When it comes to special holidays like a magical Christmas or New Year, everyone starts looking for inexpensive jewellery to surprise their nearest and dearest. And to find, in fact, isn't difficult - there are a lot of examples on the Internet. But is it possible to so thoughtlessly trust the first ads and shops that come across? However, the authenticity of the product plays a key role here, and a mistake threatens you with a spoiled mood for all the holidays. That is why it's so essential to find that very balance between reasonable cost and unparalleled quality - this means you need a reliable seller!

Well, we are ready to help you in this difficult matter and take care of everything! The motto of our online boutique: Provide quality services and give joy to customers! And we cope with it - you can make sure by looking through the reviews of the happy owners of our beautiful jewellery!

We also love to surprise our customers and treat your wishes very prudently, and therefore this article will contain nothing more than really worthwhile ideas and specific examples! It doesn't matter if you want to make a present to your relative, treat yourself or take that decisive step - a marriage proposal, we have provided for everything! In this collection you will find inexpensive examples of precious gifts and the most sophisticated engagement ring options around £1,000! Get ready, because the assortment will amaze you!

Fancy golden broochesFancy golden brooches

Cute surprise accessories under £50

When you have a small budget for shining presents, this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice quality. We'll prove to you that excellent products can be found even within such a modest amount. And it's not just sterling silver accessories - there are many affordable options in noble gold in our selection.

You can start by browsing the pre-owned collection of jewellery - this is an excellent option for lovers of vintage chic and rare items, because here you can see truly unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else. Namely:

For fans of more contemporary accessories, there are even more options - from stylized torque bangles to luxurious and iridescent wishbone rings. You can even create an exclusive set with a silver chain and engraved religious pendant for your dear person - and you even meet the allocated amount!

Brilliant decorations up to £100

Even such a little amount will allow you to approach the choice of a precious present as personalised as possible. If you know exactly what the recipient wants, it will be easy for you to make your choice. In other cases - rely on the advice of experts!

So, classic models will always be appropriate and this is the best option for those who doubt the pick of a particular style. In our catalogue under £100 you will find the following traditional products:

If the classics are not close to you, and you prefer more contemporary luxury, then you can pick up cute hoop earrings, stylish rope bracelets or original half eternity rings - there are many models for sale in the FJewellery boutique and the list is endless!

If it's important for you that the present is truly individual, we advise you to look for models with the recipient's birthstone or with inlays of his favourite colour. It will become a really touching and unforgettable surprise for a person, and he will keep this thing for years, as well as the memory of you.

Bright engagement ring on a £500 budget

Are you eager to surprise your girlfriend or wife with the most exquisite gift and finally confess your innermost feelings? We know what to do! Our online store has a wide variety of rings that will not only satisfy your budget, but also look brilliant! Among the more concise and discrete models, there are options in silver with fancy cubic zirconia. This crystal is of artificial origin, but is valuable for its variability in shapes, sizes and shades. In addition, in it, you won't find defects that may be present in natural gemstones. This is a great choice for young fashionistas who understand trends and know exactly how to make their style memorable and unique!

Among the golden models, Her Majesty the classic prevails, in all its variety of shapes and designs. If you want to see brighter colours - there are also options with cubic zirconia and other natural stones (magnificent sapphire, tiny ruby). But if the brilliance of diamonds overshadows all other crystals for you, then on our website you will find the most grandiose selection of luxurious womens rings in the right amount! Halo designs and solitaire ones are just a few of what you can buy here! And our managers will always help you with the suitable size.

Solitaire RingsSolitaire Rings

Engagement rings - luxury for less than £1,000

When you plan to ask the most sacred question, it's important to select a special occasion and a very individual jewel - your bride should feel how carefully you approached the selection and how much passion and love you put into this surprise. We want to show you that even with a very tight budget, you can make an amazing and personalised surprise!

And so, among the available options for prices up to £1,000, the following decorations are available:

  1. Classic golden pieces with one or three sparkling stones.
  2. Rings in styles: traditional halo, elegant solitaires and polyhedral clusters.
  3. Silver models with bright inserts and fancy-cut gems.
  4. And the most delicious - platinum rings, where unique metal coexists with exquisite and eternal diamonds.

With such a variety, you will definitely find something for your and her taste, and your declaration of unearthly love will go like clockwork! Guarantee of success and happiness - 100%!

We hope that we were able to convince you that high-quality gifts can be made even within a small amount of money, and the impression from them will remain for a lifetime! And if you still have questions that need to be asked, please contact our consultants at any time and get everything you need! The FJewellery website is always open to new customers and gives everyone fantastic opportunities! Join now!

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