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Mens neck accessories have become more and more popular in recent years and their range is steadily growing. The usual chains of noble metals are complemented by bright beads, jewellery with stones and other stylish and contemporary attributes of the male image. Today, the classic mens necklace gold is a detailed piece of every guy's wardrobe - such things change the tone of the whole style becoming his highlight and most memorable element. At the FJewellery online store, we are closely following the changes in trends in men's jewels and present you all the most interesting and popular novelties.  But in addition, in our assortment there is always a place for classics and vintage chic, and therefore among our products you can find both the newest models and pre-owned chic pieces of jewellery. Join now, follow our updates and buy the highest quality precious goods for yourself and your loved ones at an affordable price! Welcome!

Men's Gold NecklacesMen's Gold Necklaces

A bit from the history of men's jewellery: from antiquity to the present day

Since ancient times, our ancestors used the gifts of nature to decorate themselves and their clothes. Of course, then these things didn't look the way we are used to seeing them today. These were simple and rough products made from improvised and available materials, such as:

  • wood,
  • stones,
  • shells and mollusks,
  • bones and fangs,
  • clay,
  • etc.

It's not known for certain when the first necklaces appeared, but archaeological finds indicate that it was a very long time ago, somewhere at the dawn of the Paleolithic and Neolithic. At that time, jewellery served people not so much for decorative purposes as they determined their social status and position in society. They were also used in religious rites and rituals, attributing various mystical properties to them. Depending on the characteristics of the culture and religion of a particular civilization, their meaning changed - each nation had its own specific custom associated with this.

It's also noteworthy that it was men who were the first to wear decorations around their necks - it was rather a privilege, often not available to women. So, in Ancient Egypt, it was the priests and pharaohs who were the first to use golden products to emphasise their power, might and close relationship with the gods. In general, from the moment when humanity learned to mine and process precious metals, a turning point happened in the history of jewelry, and Egyptian craftsmen were among the first who managed to turn a simple gold bar into a luxurious jewellery. Later, due to frequent wars and developed trade, these products spread everywhere.

In Ancient Greece, these accessories were more of a decorative nature, animalistic and floral motifs were in fashion - thin and elegant filigree ornaments were richly decorated with natural gems and were not at all cheap. In Rome, the situation was different - warlike legionnaires wore big golden decorations to emphasise their status and merits in military craft, rich people demonstrated their wealth in this way, but such luxury wasn't accepted among commoners. They preferred simple and concise designs, without bright inserts and other unnecessary details. But all kinds of engravings on metal were widely spread there. Engraved coats of arms, initials and faces of the gods were placed on almost everything:

Mens Necklace GoldMens Necklace Gold

However, speaking of neck jewellery for him, one cannot fail to mention the Ancient Celts - it was these skilled metal craftsmen who created the first real masculine necklaces. From silver and gold, they created the best armour, breastplates, decorations and much more. The famous Celtic torque was the first prototype of a manly necklace of its kind. It was a wide metal semicircle, which was worn on the neck with the open side forward. Another well-known product of Celtic jewelers is the lunula, which is very similar to the torque but hangs lower and tapers towards the back of the head. These were truly magnificent works of precious art - beautiful, with exquisite carvings, ornaments and engravings. Until now, these accessories are in demand and often appear in pictures in glossy magazines or at fashion shows of top brands.

Summing up, we can say that since antiquity a lot of beautiful accessories and examples of jewelry art have come down to our days - the ideas of ancient masters are actively used by contemporary brands and every famous designer tries to use these immortal motifs in his collection. Modernity and classic are frequently inseparable, and we at FJewellery know this firsthand. In our catalogue we collect accessories in different styles, designs and shapes, so that each of our clients can get what they like best and at a reasonable cost. Do you want to replenish your precious wardrobe, but don't know what to choose, and what suits you best? We will help!

The metal that started it all

Gold is a truly unique mineral that was highly valued in antiquity and actively used in all spheres of life. Modern jewelers still adore it for its softness, plasticity and colossal possibilities for creating the most flawless precious products. Of course, it isn't practically used in its pure form - for this there are certain alloys, with impurities of metals such as:

  • copper,
  • nickel,
  • silver,
  • palladium,
  • zinc,
  • etc.

This is done to give it greater strength and durability, as well as to change the shade. Depending on the percentage of various metals in the alloy, its carat changes; the most common are options in 9, 14 and 18ct. So, in a 9-karat alloy, there will be less pure aurum (37.5%) than in 18k (75%). This also affects the cost of the finished product, but isn't very noticeable in everyday use. Whether it's worth buying a more expensive accessory or getting by with a cheaper alloy is up to you - it depends on your budget and the goals for which you purchase the jewel.

Necklaces made of Gold For HimNecklaces made of Gold For Him

For most precious items, an additional coating is also used, and most often it's rhodium. This expensive metal is applied in a thin layer on top of the product in order to protect it from all kinds of damage, add reliability and unique brilliance to it. Other coating options, such as matte finish and others, have only a decorative meaning and are used in decorations of a certain design.

With the choice of metal, it became clearer - it's time to move on to designs.

Varieties of gents necklaces

The range of men's products is very large and not much inferior to women's, but still the most common type of accessories is rightfully considered a gold chain necklace for guys. Bright and stylish, discreet and concise, voluminous and elegant - there is an option for every taste! If we talk about the most masculine options, then here we can distinguish the following categories of chains and varieties of weaving:

  1. Classic anchor - simple and reliable knitting, which for many years has occupied a leading position among other varieties. Oval links are connected perpendicular to each other, thus forming a dense and strong chain resembling a real ship one - hence the name. An excellent basis for wearing traditional lockets, plain crosses, st christopher pendants, etc.
  2. Belcher - one of the subspecies of anchor knitting, but with the use of round links. It looks very voluminous and solid, elegant and harmonious.
  3. Curb chain. Slightly flattened and twisted links are tightly intertwined to each other, due to which the product seems very airy, but at the same time massive. These models are popular in thin (1-2mm thickness) and short formats - ideal for creating tight, form-fitting necklaces.
  4. Figaro - here both round and oval details are used, connected in a certain sequence. 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1 - such inscriptions can often be found on the tag of these chains, and they indicate the frequency of alternating elements. These accessories look very impressive in combination with a diamond cut and are great for guys.
  5. Rope - a very dense twisted chain in which each previous element is connected to the next two, visually it resembles a real cotton rope or tourniquet, which is why it has such a name. Usually, such models aren't very thick and are well suited for wearing with pendant. Bracelets with charms are woven according to the same principle, and they look very good in a mix with each other.
  6. Spiga - somewhat similar to rope chains, but have a more braided base and are very reminiscent of spikelets of wheat. Very flexible and graceful, these models can be either flat or more rounded, they look very cool as an independent accessory.
  7. Venetian - consists of small cubic links. Visually, each element looks like a small box, and intertwined they create a very unusual and original chain. It looks very organic with tennis bracelets.
  8. Ball chain - consists of round beads or small golden balls and looks very non-standard. Perfect for wearing a dog tag, name plated pendant or decor with wide holes.

We have named only the most popular varieties, although in fact there are many more, and listing each interesting species will not be quick. But in order to buy gold necklace for men, it isn't enough to choose only a design - it is also important to consider the size. Here, too, there are some nuances.


  1. 2-3mm is considered very thin, and looks great in multi-layered necklaces.
  2. 4-5 mm is optimal and suitable for wearing with decor.
  3. 7mm and more are very wide and chunky options that don't require additional parts and are worn independently.

Gold Chain Necklace for GuysGold Chain Necklace for Guys


  1. 14-16 inches. This choker is a short and tight-fitting necklace. In the case of men's models of this length, most often there are stylish beads made of natural stones, sometimes with inserts of wooden elements.
  2. 17-22" - the standard length for men without decor. For guys who are not tall, 18 inch is ideal, and for those who are taller - 20".
  3. 23-27" is the most optimal base for wearing crosses, pendants, etc.
  4. 28-30" and over are considered long models and require the right outfit to look appropriate.

Knowing all these aspects, you can easily pick up the perfect gent's models or make a whole set of original accessories. On our website for sale there is everything you need to create bright and courageous precious kits, such as:

We are waiting for you in the FJewellery shop for the most profitable precious acquisitions!