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Who said that gents precious accessories should be strict and concise, and why not add more sparkle to them? We present you mens tennis bracelets that shine on wrist like real stars from the night sky, and attract even more attention to themselves, because they look just incredible! And if you also love non-standard and stylish decorations, then it's time to add another one to your personal collection! In the FJewellery shop, we have selected for you a very interesting assortment of these wonderful jewels, and you can buy them here at an extremely favorable price! Join now and add some shine to your wardrobe! We are waiting for you!

Stylish luxury for bold contemporary men!

In fact, it's difficult to imagine a more sophisticated type of accessory - each of its details, like a tiny treasure, attracts the eye and captivates with its radiance. And it would be completely wrong to say that such bracelets are suitable only for ladies - as a male decoration, it looks just as good and intrigues much more!

Each link of such a bracelet consists of a small precious crystal - they exactly repeat each other, forming a solid and strong chain, and when you look at the product from afar, you get the feeling that its surface is completely iced out and sparkling precious rays play in the edges of each ice floe. Isn't this real magic in its original form?

This design looks most flawless in a cold and neutral shade of metal. Both classic sterling silver and noble white gold can be ideal options - it's only a matter of individual preferences and features of your style.

Different types of precious stones can be used as an insert, but traditional tennis bracelets for guys are most often encrusted with cubic zirconia. These gems are highly durable and available in a variety of shapes and colours. In addition, due to their artificial origin, they are quite cheap, which is why they have gained their popularity.

The size of such a bracelet is always selected individually, but if we talk about the optimal length and width for him, then the first indicator should vary from 6.5 to 9 inches, and the second - from 3mm to 5mm. These dimensions are the most comfortable and practical to wear, moreover, they are suitable for most men, regardless of build.

In our online catalogue, this model is presented in several variations, which allows everyone to find an accessory to their liking. You can study the product you like in detail, read its description, study the characteristics and real pictures. Also, in our store there is a huge range of other men's jewellery for all occasions, and you can easily assemble an original set for yourself or as a gift. We have in sale:

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