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Once people start looking for engagement rings, there are so many things in the jewellery world they appear to discover. Eternity bands, ring styles with a modern twist, double-banded brands, halo settings, and more — the variety of styles can’t help but impress. If your aim is to purchase something unique and extraordinary, then old traditional cuts in contemporary representation are worth consideration. That’s why the F Jewellery experts recommend taking into account the option of Claddagh ring women layouts.

Women's Claddagh RingsWomen's Claddagh Rings

Theoretical Introduction: What Is a Claddagh Band?

It is highly recommended for customers, regardless of their experience in the field, to keep on getting more information about different cuts. The more you know about several styles and types of accessories available in the market, the more versatile and flexible your options as a future jewellery owner are. Besides, it will help you pick up designs with unique meanings and symbolism. That is the right case of an Irish Claddagh ring.

According to the legend, a previously enslaved man, born in Claddagh, a little village nearby Galway city, managed to return back home with decent knowledge of jewelry craftsmanship. His beloved one waited for him, so he decided to highlight those mesmerizing love and support in the beautiful design of the band under consideration. At least, that’s what the story says.

In reality, the accessory’s cut is something not really common for traditional styles, spread on the territory of Europe and America. A female Claddagh ring includes three main layout components — a crown, a heart, and a couple of palms, uniting the image. All of them are applied to symbolize eternal feelings that have lots of powers to burn up your life powers and help you live, not exist as a human being. This type is a promise of true friendship, fidelity, and love.

Modern vs. Traditional Cuts: Design Peculiarities

You will definitely define this style — it stands out among others due to its voluminous lines and tender shapes. Depending on the target recipient, you will receive completely different impressions from the ring. While accessories for him are more massive and even cumbersome to some elegant extent, a Claddagh ring for her is a material realization of the genuine female nature.

This design is available in numerous metals, inserted with plenty of gemstones or without them — so it is up to you to decide which option is more suitable for the target owner. From this perspective, the matter of price isn’t that crucial. On the one hand, there are various models for sale represented on the virtual shelves of the F Jewellery online store. On the other hand, customers are welcome to play with the choice of stones, their size, as well as the metal selected to get more control over the cost to spend. Of course, the more elaboration is needed, the higher the final tag would be.

The assortment of our online stores welcomes interested parties to make the most of the advanced search filters, images, and pictures of models under different angles and thus invest in the piece worth becoming your family heritage treasure. Overall, the variety of layouts that are to be titled as a ladies Claddagh ring involve the following concepts:

  • The traditional design is elegant, simple, and smooth — a pair of hands hold a heart, and this composition is decorated with a crown above.
  • Usually, this design involves both steady, robust, solid, and hollow areas. In turn, the style achieves more freshness and voluminous. However, the vibe can be absolutely different. If you are worried a typical Claddagh ring for her will be disturbing and somewhat annoying in daily life, then why not pick up a flat ring with the crucial elements enraged? This is modern know-how to old-fashioned cuts.

Choice Recommendations for Beginners

Although the Claddagh cut has a long history and is unique in its symbolism and appearance, the rules of choosing qualitative and efficient ladies accessories are pretty the same. Here are the nuances to bear in mind when deciding which catalogue goods to buy:

  • The choice of materials is varied — from traditional gold and silver to non-precious metals like stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, etc. In this case, consumers have to pay attention not only to the metal’s quality and durability (platinum is a champion by lots of senses) but also to the health properties. It may turn out that you are allergic to some type of jewellery. Cobalt- and nickel-containing samples are considered to be the most dangerous here. They are included in the metal alloys of precious metals. If you hesitate whether there are no harmful premises in the model’s composition, feel free to contact our support team to consult.
  • The same relates to the palette of gemstones to be inserted. If you desire to implement more meaning in the design, then birthstones will work excellent. Crystals will contribute a lot to your wishes of all the best to the target recipient. Their unique significance is a symbol of beauty, hope, truth, friendship, and more — what you have to do is to pick up the appropriate. For instance, vitality is another name for ruby, which is assigned as a July stone. Please note that there are basically two approaches to defining which crystals symbolize which month, so there are cases when two different types represent one and the same month. Let’s be more precise. People born in June are complemented by two pieces at once, name;y, by alexandrite and pearls.

Claddagh Rings for HerCladdagh Rings for Her

  • If you are looking for an engagement or a wedding band for her, this style will serve your objectives greatly. However, it is a must to consider how this design will look with other accessories already owned by the target recipient. It is recommended to pick up models of the same metal type and colour to create an effect of the ensemble gathered. However, it is not an obligatory task to follow this rule. The main thing is to not overwhelm your hand image with a variety of stones and metals — the right balance has to be preserved.
  • Don’t forget to have a carat and karat size in mind. To order the highest values of the two for gold and diamonds (or other materials) isn’t the best idea since it won’t define the biggest quality possible. It would be better to stay on the safe side, choosing happy-medium ranges.
  • The compatibility of Claddagh rings for women is impressive, but it depends on the style preferred. Pendants cupid and chains trace elegant samples will work not just as additionals for an engagement jewelry ensemble. It is a good idea for the St. Valentine’s Day gift or other occasions when the love of the two has to be highlighted. Crosses rhodium and other rings shouldn’t be excluded from the potential contributors to the shine of the Claddagh designs.

Wrap It Up

Picking up the ring for her isn’t about keeping budget limits or choosing the most beautiful band ever — it is about your desire to make someone else happy with your care and attention. This purchase requires customers to be proactive and think thoroughly about the target individual’s wishes, tastes, and preferences. With the help of F Jewellery, it is always the right time to please your beloved ones.