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What do you think about women’s jewellery? It is associated with delicacy, femininity, airiness, and romance. Usually, it is about the thin base, stones, curls, and elegant shape. Even if you choose a contemporary design, it will be sophisticated and refined. A totally different thing is a woman signet ring. Surprisingly, it looks great on a woman's finger. Nowadays this jewellery is becoming popular again. It will be a great gift for all occasions: New Year, Happy Birthday, Mother’s Day, and others. In this article, you find a practical recommendation. Of course, not only that. In our online shop FJewellery you can find a women signet ring too.

Signet Rings for Her

Not new, but…

This form of the ring was popular in ancient times. It was an especially important thing. If you had a famous rich family – you had an emblem. And the head of the family usually had a signet ring. It was supposed to symbolize power, belonging to the family. It was a ring with a three-dimensional design. Usually, women didn't wear this type of ring. But today it looks fashionable and stylish.

Lots of people make a mistake, saying that signet rings it’s the same as cluster rings. It's not exactly right. In the first case, we speak about the ring with a platform. It usually has the same engraved or embossed pattern that might have no elements. In the second case, it has a metal rim with a central stone or a scattering of stones.

The beautiful choice

The ladies wear loose clothing, men's jackets, boyfriend jeans, and large, seemingly men's jewellery: massive watches, bracelets, cufflinks. They did not forget about symbols of privilege and aristocracy – signet rings. They were reborn in modern fashion in 2016. We don’t remember who from celebrity wore it first, but it was a furor. So here is a good idea for a gift – buy ladies signet ring.

What kind of ring could you see in our catalogue? We represent golden and silver trendy things. Extremely popular jewellery in the shape of a heart. It looks stylish with contemporary, antique, or romantic earrings, pendants, and a necklace which can also be found in our shop. All this stuff is available in categories of our shop.

How to wear

The designers recommend combining styles: pick up little elegant and weightless jewellery with a massive ring. On which finger to wear it: index, middle, ring or little finger - it's up to you. If you don’t like a big loop, you find exclusive elegant shapes in the catalog. The best style for combine – casual. Oversized clothing, sophisticated jewellery, and such a massive ring will create a unique ensemble. Still if you like this type of ring and prefer another style of clothes – buy it and use it with pleasure.

Women's Signet Rings

For yourself, for a present

Thanks to the universal designs, you can buy it for yourself. For many women affiliation to the same style doesn't matter. You just wear what you want. It’s quite the opposite if you dream about something especially present. It will be a good idea for:

  • Friends
  • Mom
  • Grandmother
  • Girls (niece, daughter, daughter-in-law)

It is always with her and will be a reminder of you. If you choose a signet ring female, you can find a shape which your vis-a-vis likes. Remember what kind of:

  • metal she wears (gold or silver),
  • stone (precious or not),
  • color – red, yellow, blue, or without it,
  • engraved or embossed pattern (flowers, geometric, or animals),
  • shapes (heart, square, oval, circle or rectangle),

And we are sure you’ll choose the best gift ever. If you need a special option, you can pick up sets, but this type of jewellery looks great without any additional.

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