Everything you wanted to know about black diamonds - read more on the FJewellery blog

Everything you wanted to know about black diamonds - read more on the FJewellery blog

Earrings with black diamonds

Black diamond jewellery is at the peak of popularity. They are chosen by those who are looking for a win-win option: a precious mineral, and expensive setting and a flawless look of the piece. It really is the perfect option for those who are looking for something special. FJewellery offers a huge selection of such pieces.

What is it?

A black diamond in its structure and origin is no different from an ordinary transparent diamond. As a rule, we are talking about pyrite, graphite and iron. They are also present in white, transparent brilliant, but much smaller amounts. In a black mineral, it is 90%. They determine the colour and the clarity. A mineral may be transparent or it may be dark and deep in colour. Minerals found in nature today are black, brown and dark green. There is also a theory that the richness of a gemstone is due to the kinks in its interior. The larger and the more numerous the kinks are, the richer the colour.

Jewellery black diamond

A bit of history

The first black diamond was discovered in 1840 in Brazil. It did not make a proper furore and was given the humble name of "carbonite. Only in the early 1990s did scientists pay attention to the unique properties of the mineral. Today, jewellers use black diamonds to make unique jewellery. The mineral can be used either alone or in combination with other gemstones. In any case, it looks great!

What kind of jewellery is a black diamond used in?

For a gem to look perfect, it needs the right setting. Most often jewellers frame it in a group of white precious metals. It can be platinum, white gold or even silver. Such jewellery looks great in any style. Jewellery that uses yellow gold as a frame looks more bright and modern.

In which products does it bring out all of its strengths? All of them. And it's true. You can find on sale:

They will all look gorgeous and stylish. The mineral has its ineffable character, which allows the jewellery to look different in different looks. Sets with black diamonds look especially beautiful and expensive. They allow you to reveal the personality of the owner and show his exquisite taste.

What determines the price of black diamond jewellery?

Black diamonds are natural diamonds. It doesn't cost more to mine than a pure diamond, but it is quite rare and in high demand, so the price of this gemstone can be high.

The cost of products depends on:

  • The origin of the mineral (natural or artificial).
  • Uniformity and shade of colour.
  • Design complexities.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so we always recommend considering several options to find the best one. The one that is perfect for you.
During use, remember that the presence of several such additives causes a certain brittleness of the mineral. Do not do heavy physical labour in such a finish and do not visit the sauna. The susceptibility of such a mineral to various influences can be very individual.

What are black diamonds?

They can come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally the wound can be princess, emerald, marquise, round, oval, pear, heart, etc. This can be an option. Generally, the size and shape of the diamond determine what cut the mineral will eventually receive. The cleanest cuts are those with minimal loss of material. This can be one large gemstone. They make large ovals, princesses, etc. If the mineral has many facets, several minerals can be obtained from a single diamond which can then be used to make jewellery. The most popular cut types are round, princess and pear. They look the most beautiful in the product and perfectly convey the beauty of the natural mineral.

Jewellery is a black diamond

What is a "type of diamond"?

Three types of gemstones are used to make jewellery. Your choice depends only on your preferences and abilities. To help you decide, we offer a brief description of each:

  1. Natural minerals. During excavations, it is quite difficult to immediately determine what colour the diamond will be, because they all look the same on the ground. Only after cleaning does it become clear what colour the diamond will be. Like transparent white diamonds, black diamonds have the same origin but a slightly different structure. They are made of carbon by nature, but have many more inclusions, including graphite, which determines the richness and hue of the black colour.
  2. Artificial minerals. In structure and colour, they do not differ from a natural black diamond. The only difference is the responsible approach. The production of such diamonds requires fewer resources and fewer expenses. These minerals are grown in special laboratories, where the temperature and pressure are controlled.
  3. Processed gems. These are culled from the first category. Not all diamonds mined in the mines are of flawless quality (and they are the only ones selected for jewellery making). Those that have too many inclusions are refined artificially in laboratories. The result is a mineral with a similar structure, but which is artificially dyed.

It is quite difficult for an ordinary buyer to distinguish the origin of a gemstone.

How black diamonds are certified

Because this mineral often has an opaque structure with impurities (normal), it is not classified as a classic white diamond. It is called a "fancy diamond" and is graded on the GIA scale. These are used to determine the quality of opaque minerals. Also, unique black diamonds may have accompanying documents that contain information about the transparency, quality, colour, and other characteristics of the gemstone.

If after reading the article you still have questions or you want expert help in choosing an accessory with black diamonds, let us know. FJewellery is always ready to help and choose a jewellery piece that is perfect for you according to all parameters.

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