Everything you need to know about jewellery weaving

Everything you need to know about jewellery weaving

Bracelets & chains

Gold and silver accessorise for the neck or arm are very popular and have long become an integral part of any stylish look. Women, men and children all over the world often wear these pieces of jewellery without removing them, and this can also be called a universal gift. In the catalogue of the "FJewellery" store you will find a huge assortment of such accessorise, and you will definitely pick up something unique. But let's figure out how such products are created, what types are there and how they differ.

Types of weaving of bracelets and chains

There're several options, and they are conventionally divided by the location of the chain links relative to each other and the manufacturing method:

  • Handmade. This is a very painstaking job, which is done only by experienced jewellers. Such products are very durable and reliable. In addition, they are also the most expensive ones.
  • Machine knitting. In this way, chains with the finest links are created. They will look very gentle and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Stamping. The simplest and cheapest way, where ready-made stamps-links are used that are not welded together.


There are three main types of knitting, each of which, in turn, has different variations

1. Armor weaving:

  • Basic. The links are located in the same plane and the product is smooth and durable. In ancient times, chain-mail was made in this way.
  • Rhombus. Each link can consist of two or three geometric shapes.
  • Cartier or Figaro. Round and oval details alternate with each other. Usually, the product tag indicates the frequency of their alternation, for example: 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1, etc.
  • Nonna. Small links are located inside large ones, it looks very elegant.
  • Snail. The spiral parts are twisted in the form of a shell.
  • Snake or Cord. The elements are located as tightly as possible to each other.
  • Love. The links are shaped like a heart.
  • Cobra. Consists of square parts.
  • Popcorn. A rare variety that looks very unusual and original.
  • Twisted. In shape, it resembles a very dense and thick rope, but it looks very voluminous and beautiful.
  • Singapore. A technique that uses curved links. Shines very beautifully with any movement.

2. Anchor weaving is:

  • Classic. The links are oval and connect perpendicular to each other.
  • Belzer or Rollo where round parts are used. Also named Chopard, after the eponymous fashion house that made them popular.
  • Double rollo or Garibaldi. The second name was given in honor of the Italian revolutionaries Anita and Giuseppe Garibaldi.
  • Venetian. Wider and thinner parts are used that have a square or rectangular shape.
  • Corded. Outwardly it looks like a rope or a tourniquet. One link includes several others, and they intersect with two or three subsequent ones.

3. Bismarck:

  • Flat Bismarck. The most common method is when the parts are twisted in a spiral. This type has two more names, one of which is "Kaiser", given in honor of the famous politician of the German Empire. The second name is "Cardinal".
  • Arabic Bismarck. The constituent elements are reminiscent of Arabic script.
  • Python. This is a more sophisticated version of the basic Kaiser. Outwardly it resembles the body of a snake and looks very feminine.
  • Byzantine. Also called Royal. There are several types: with square, spiral or rounded parts. This is a very popular and incredibly luxurious way of weaving.


In addition, there are various fancy knitting techniques. Their appearance is fully consistent with their names:

  • Perlina,
  • Chamomile,
  • The Rose,
  • French braid,
  • Turtle.

Each model can consist of one, two, three or more rows intertwined with each other. Diamond cut is also often used to give the metal a brighter shine.
Among all this incredible variety, everyone can choose a unique accessory for themselves. You can even assemble an original set of several chains or bracelets. On the website of the "FJewellery" store, you can assemble an original set of several such accessorise for yourself, and if you add stylish pendants to them, the look will turn out to be simply fantastic!

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