Gold Jewellery: Rules for Investing

Gold Jewellery: Rules for Investing

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If you're thinking about investing in gold jewellery, you're on the right track. Gold, because of its rarity and scarcity, is considered one of the best assets. Proof of this can be seen in the price of gold, which reached its all-time high in March 2022. So it's not surprising that asking how to invest in gold has become one of the most popular (up 82% in the last year). FJewelley has prepared answers to all the questions you ask about investing in precious metals.

Reasons why gold is ideal for long-term investments

Gold has long been considered one of the most successful investment options, and there are several important reasons for this:

  • The price of gold falls very rarely. As a rule, it happens very rarely and at a time when the value has not fallen below the purchase price. Such declines are due to increased financial activity. Businesses are actively freeing up assets for business investment.
  • The price always goes up in times of crisis (this was the case in 2008 and at the peak of the pandemic). There is no indication that this trend will change. As soon as players in the market feel bad, they immediately try to hedge their active ones. One of the quickest and easiest ways is to invest in gold.
  • The entry price for gold is much lower than other investment options. If, for example, you compare the market for real estate and gold, the choice is clearly in favour of the jewels. Minimum entry prices make the difference: £75,000 for real estate versus £250 for a gold ring. That is, you can always invest in gold because it is affordable.
  • Gold jewellery can be used and is easier to store and transport. These are undeniable advantages. Jewellery is useful to you in creating a unique image. They are easy to transport (you can travel with them), and they are a fairly active market around the world, which means you can sell fairly quickly and get cash.
  • Choosing the right property is 90% of a successful investment.

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What you need to do to choose the right object for investment:

  • Buy from trusted manufacturers. There are cases on the market today where well-known brands of jewellery are sold as gold, when in fact they are gold-plated jewellery. Buying gold-plated jewellery is one of the most common mistakes young investors make. Reviews on trusted websites can help you find original gold. Reliable gold jewellery sellers are either certified Assay Assured or listed in their catalogue. And, of course, you shouldn't buy jewellery if the store doesn't provide returns. You should always have the option to exchange or return the item if it's not exactly what you were looking for.
  • The simpler the better. We are not talking about buying traditional engagement rings. But it's not about spending money on an elaborate design. The design is something you pay for once. The jewellery will not cost more in the future if it has an exclusive design. This rule also applies to modern jewellery.
  • Have your jewellery appraised? A professional appraisal gives you an accurate idea of how much your gold is worth. Based on the money spent, you will quickly realize that things with simple designs look more attractive as an investment.
  • Insurance never hurts. It's impossible to say that some conditions will be more reliable than all others. It's also impossible to guarantee that your possessions will be safe. That's why jewellery insurance is always a good option. By appraising them, you can insure them for an amount that will be reasonable compensation in case something doesn't go according to plan.
  • Be careful with gemstones. Jewellery from new collections with gemstones, such as a diamond, becomes cheaper by more than 50% after you have paid for it and left the store. That's not a good investment. It's quite different when it comes to antique or vintage collections. This can be a very good option.
  • Choose what you like. Don't buy everything that more or less meets your requirements. The most important thing for jewellery is to be able to use it during storage. Do you want to enjoy more than just the thought of having gold? Then choose with your heart and mind.

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Implementing your investments

Is it time to turn your investments into real money? The main feature of this product is that you can always implement your opportunity. Nothing will get in your way because the precious metals market is the place to trade a recognised asset. There is always demand, so you will always be able to sell your jewellery.

If you decide to sell jewellery, make sure that your partner has a name and positive reviews. You can get money for the gold at once or give the goods for sale, for example, as in FJewellery. We accept goods for sale. This allows you to get the best price for your item.

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