How to choose baby safe jewellery

How to choose baby safe jewellery

Chains for Kids

Many parents and adults often think about whether it is worth buying precious accessories for their kids and how safe it's for them. And the answer from the FJewellery store specialists is definitely worth it! After all, such decorations will help the child feel special and even to help develop, so important, a high sense of responsibility. But it's always significant to remember the jewelry safety and pick up it wisely. That is why we have compiled this guide for you, where we will tell you in detail about which accessories are suitable for children and what is significant to pay attention to when choosing. Take the best seats - we're starting!

What kind of kid’s jewelry are?

In fact, the range of such products is huge and many of them are not much different from jewellery for adults. And now we are not talking about simple cheap bijouterie, but about really valuable, high-quality and, most importantly, safe jewels. What do we classify as baby safe jewellery? These can be:

But, of course, there are always nuances. And you need to select decorations for young ladies and gentlemen with more responsibility and caution. Therefore, let's discuss each type in more detail.

Earrings for KidsEarrings for Kids

  1. Chains. Universal decoration for children of any gender. They can be an excellent base for pendants and crosses, or simply worn as an unusual independent accessory. Many little girls especially like beautiful necklaces with lots of bright pendants, while boys prefer a more understated style. The optimal chain length for a baby is 16 inches.
  2. Pendants, lockets and crosses. The perfect decor for baby necklaces and their selection is just amazing! You can find any design that your little one will love - from the simplest models with tiny natural gemstone to the more unusual ones with unique shapes and colours. Usually, children prefer images of animals or characters from prominent fairy tales and cartoons. Initial necklaces are also a great option, as are opening lockets - you can put your joint photos in them and the child will surely enjoy opening them and admiring the pictures. A cross can be a great gift for the most special occasion - of course, this is the first birthday or baptismal ceremony. He will become an amulet for the baby and will always protect him. The size and weight of such jewelry should be small so as not to cause discomfort to the kid.
  3. Bracelets and bangles. Very young guys and girls love to decorate their wrists with a variety of accessories, simple and with coloured pendants - they ring funny on the hand and make the baby very happy. The more such decor on them, the more interesting they are! In addition, the kid will be interested in collecting his own collection of such jewellery. Also, a cool option is an id bracelet - it's convenient and practical; you can engrave the name of the child, home address, medical data and contact phone number of the parents on it, in case the baby suddenly gets lost. The ideal size for a kid's bracelet is approximately 5-6 inches.
  4. Earrings. Such an essential and significant attribute for the smallest ladies. In most European countries, there is even a tradition of piercing a girl's ears right on her birthday. So, piercing is often done right in hospitals after childbirth. Although many experts are of the opinion that it's worth waiting at least 3 months before making the first piercing for a baby. As the first earrings, tiny studs with a screw clasp are best suited. The child will not be able to remove it on their own, and it won't put pressure on the earlobe. The most perfect option for baby girl jewelry!
  5. Rings. A very popular accessory for both girls and boys. It would be ideal to choose a decoration with a birthstone - it will be a kind of talisman for a child and will certainly please him due to its brilliance. Such a thing will be of particular value to the child, and he will treat it with trepidation. However, for very babies this is not the best option - rings should be given to older children. And it's also very important to pick up the right size - the optimal one is 44-48. Even if the decoration turns out to be larger than necessary - it's not scary, and can be worn later.

What else matters?

If you want to buy children's jewelry, it's useful to remember the following nuances:

  • the quality of the metal,
  • secure fastening,
  • correct dimensions.

Mini Pendants for ChildrenMini Pendants for Children

For children, it's best to select high-quality materials such as sterling silver or bright high-grade gold. These are those exceptional materials that have hypoallergenic properties and will not cause any problems for you and your child. They are easy to care for, they retain their shine for a long time and always look dignified.

Also, before buying a decoration, you need to make sure that the clasp is reliable and strong. It should not be very tight, but not open easily. For the smallest children, it's better to select such options for locks that they cannot open on their own.

The dimensions and weight of any children's accessories should be small - so the child will be more comfortable and the decoration will not interfere with his everyday life. These parameters, as well as the quality of the metal, directly affect the price of the product.

If you want to purchase a truly safe and authentic accessory for your beloved child or godson - our boutique is the best place for this! On the pages of the FJewellery website you'll find a lot of useful tips and trending news from the world of jewels, and in our catalogue, you'll find only the brightest and most original decorations! We are waiting for you for the best shopping experience!

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