How to clean chains and necklace

How to clean chains and necklace

Gold chains

We all love the special brilliance of neck jewelry, but over time they lose it - they grow dull and dirty. Fortunately, there are reliable ways to restore lost shine to accessories at home, using only simple tools at hand. Experts from the FJewellery store have compiled a detailed guide for you from which you will learn how to clean chain without damage easily and quickly. Let's figure it out together!

Key tips from the experts

Let's start with the fact that all precious materials need a different approach and there is simply no one universal way. Before you start cleaning, check what metal your jewelry is made of and what gemstones are in it. Based on this information, you can already choose the appropriate method.

Silver chains

  1. Gold. The most versatile recipe for cleaning such accessories is a soap solution. Plain liquid soap and organic dishwashing detergent will work for it. Make a light solution using warm, but not very hot, water. Some jewelers also advise using sparkling water to speed up the process. The decoration should be lowered into such a solution and left for 5-10 minutes, but not more than half an hour. Wipe lightly and without pressure, using a new, thin cloth or eyeglass tissue. You can use a very soft toothbrush to remove dirt from the decorations, with more complex designs and small details, such as chains with franco or rope weaving. After that, be sure to rinse the golden item under good pressure with running water and let it completely dry on air or wipe with a soft cloth. Such way is considered the safest and softest, while it removes almost any type of contaminant. This solution is applicable to any kind of metal: yellow, red or white gold. The way is also good for accessories with stones - the main thing is that the water shouldn't be too hot because many natural gems can become cloudy.
  2. Traditional silver (925 standard). There are many more ways to clean such decorations, it all depends on the degree of contamination. If you just want to freshen up the necklace, use a simple foam solution, but if you see really dirty or blackened areas on it, move on to other methods. In some cases, toothpaste works well and is used to clean gemstone or silver plated accessories. If the decoration is very blackened, it's permissible to use baking soda, but this option is only suitable for pure silver without any additives or other decorative elements. Soda must be mixed with water until a thick mass is formed, and then gently rub the chain with this paste. Rinse should be under warm water and do it very carefully so that no traces of alkali remain. In some cases, experts recommend using plain white vinegar 9% used for food, or lemon juice - they need to moisten a clean wipe and carefully process the necklace, and then rinse with plenty of water. But the use of these types of liquids is possible only under the same conditions as soda - exclusively sterling silver products without any coatings or stones. Another option for cleaning your collection of silver accessories is water and household alcohol. They need to be mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1, and gently wipe the accessory using a cloth made of natural fabric.
  3. Pearl. These beautiful minerals from the bottom of the sea look simply incredible and truly magical. Not surprisingly, such necklaces began to return to fashion again and gain their former popularity. Real pearls or synthetic ones - they need special care, which once again proves their exclusivity. The first way is to mix a mild shampoo with water. For a liter of water, only one teaspoon will be enough, no more. Stir the solution thoroughly until a foam forms. Pearls necklace shouldn't be soaked, or it will fade, so use a makeup brush. After the procedure, lay it on a horizontal surface and let the decoration dry completely. There is also a second way - using regular olive oil. In order for real magic to happen with your jewellery, natural thin fabric and a couple of drops of oil will be enough - you will immediately notice how mother-of-pearl will play in the light and how expressive the necklace will look on neck.

So, now you know exactly how to clean necklace yourself, and can do it at any time. But never forget the most basic rule - never use any chemicals or abrasives.

Gold necklace

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