How to wear pearls

How to wear pearls

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Do you want to know what you need these days to look spectacular, stylish and luxurious in your image? A simple word - pearls! Incredibly iridescent, bewitching, attractive - it can become the main highlight of your outfit, instantly adding lightness, elegance and grace to it. And if earlier it was considered a relic of vintage fashion and a little thing from a grandmother's box, today it's a real explosive trend and the most modern way to look luxurious and relevant. And now in the FJewellery blog, we tried to reveal this topic and dispel the myth that you can wear pearls without looking old fashioned. Here goes!

How and where did pearls come from?

Before studying current trends, you need to delve a little into history and find out what kind of mineral it is and what its superpower is.

Unique and incredible pearls are a gift from the depths of the seas - a kind of magical treasure. It's formed in the shells of mollusks, and the process of its formation lasts from six months to 2-3 years, depending on the type and size of the shell.

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This is one of the oldest and most special gemstones in the world. In ancient times, in Japan, they believed that these were the tears of sea gods, mysterious inhabitants of the depths and mythical mermaids. Many civilizations also thought that it cures all kinds of diseases and has a certain healing power - it was even eaten, previously ground into fine precious flour. In the Middle Ages, it was also considered a great value and shrouded in a mystical halo.

The bright and luxurious 20s brought with them a new trend for extravagant and bold womens accessories. At the same time, jewelers began to look for a way to reduce the cost of obtaining this unique mineral and found it by creating faux pearl. It’s very difficult to distinguish it from the real one - it also shimmers beautifully, but its price is much lower, besides, it’s easy and simple to care for it. Since that moment, a lot of time has passed, and the fashion for pearls has appeared and disappeared. But today she returned and simply blew up the global vogue community, proving that the classics will never die!

How and with what to wear pearls?

In fact, there is no universal recipe - this mineral is so perfect that it can be combined with any images and styles, and doesn't depend on any conventions. Now we will prove it to you and start from the very basics.

  1. Casual. Whether you wear light sundresses or simple and comfortable jeans, it doesn’t matter at all - mother-of-pearl will be an excellent companion for any everyday outfit, adding its own special charm and some gloss to it. The most classic and simple string of pearls, graceful tiny stud earrings or a thin, neat ring will wonderfully complement your look and make it truly modern. As in the case of Sarah Jessica Parker, or rather her heroine in the sensational series. Graceful New York diva Carrie constantly flickers on the screen in pearl accessories, and even if you are not a fan of Miss Bradshaw, it's useless to argue with the statement about her impeccable taste.
  2. Strictness and tenderness in one bottle. We are talking about respectable businesswomen who often add pearl jewels to their business suits, doing it in a sophisticated, casually and very feminine way. Just look at the beautiful images of Kate Middleton, in which she so often combines classic jackets, blazers, coats and elegant dresses with natural pearls framed in traditional gold and vintage silver. And if members of the royal family are such ardent fans of this gem, then it's quite obvious that it is perfection itself.
  3. Do you want to understand how to wear pearls and not look old? You can ask Harry Styles about it, who donned a classic pearl necklace with a lace collar and a simple jumper, thus opening a vogue Pandora's box. By the way, this is not his only image in which these precious stones are present, and for him, they have become a kind of jewelry business card. Yes, and other famous musicians and rappers don't disdain the luxury of mother-of-pearl. So not only women can wear a pearl bracelet or any other accessory with a cozy sweater or knitted cardigan - this is also true for men.
  4. Gorgeous Vivienne Westwood has upended our notion of classics with her famous pearl choker design, which has become a faithful companion for any evening outfit. It can be safely combined with black dress - elegant, sophisticated, long, or worn with a daring and bright cocktail ensemble, as the delightful Dua Lipa did at the main British music ceremony in 2021 - in any case, mother-of-pearl will look chic and cool. This accessory is also suitable for a little young lady for the first visit to a formal event - so cute pearl jewels will be ideal as a gift even for child.

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And if you are still in doubt whether pearls are popular today - we simply advise you to open any fashion magazine and look at the pictures. You will be surprised how many contemporary looks simply cannot do without it! So, doubts about whether to buy a long strand of pearls is completely dispelled! Of course, it's worth it! And not even one! In the kit you can add other bright accessories with mother-of-pearl and more. It will simply look great in combination with:

In the online catalogue of the Fjewellery boutique you can find all the necessary accessories to complete your pearl collection and make your look stylish and unforgettable. We are waiting for you for shopping!

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