How to wedding and engagement ring

How to wedding and engagement ring

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There are amazing customs which associated with wedding and themed decor. The main, of course, is connected with the rings. A man gives one piece of jewelry when he makes a marriage proposal to his lady of the heart, the other is put on her finger during the ceremony. But what if you don't want to part with the first gift and is it possible to wear wedding rings with engagement ring? Experts from the FJewellery online shop decided to look into this topic and compile a detailed guide for you, where every girl will find the answer to this burning question.

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What is the difference between these rings?

Both of these jewelleries are of great importance for every girl, and it's difficult to overestimate it. A beloved man presents one ring as a gift at a very exciting moment - by this he says that he is ready to be together all his life and wants to be called a husband for the most charming lady. This is a very memorable present for every woman. The man puts the second ring on the graceful finger of his beloved in front of the altar, at the very moment when he pronounces his oath - words about eternal fidelity and love. Both husband and wife wear these special rings at all times. This is the main difference between them - the moment!

However, there are also significant differences. First, it's design. The main element of the engagement ring is always a large and noticeable precious stone, and usually made of white gold. There are a lot of styles of such rings, and here a man always relies on his own tastes and budget, and, no less important, to the preferences of his chosen one. Such beautiful decoration attracts attention and intrigued glances, raises questions and happy sighs of admiration.

With wedding bands, the story is a little different. They don't have a specific style - each couple selects accessories that they personally like and will be comfortable in everyday wear. The main thing here is practicality and convenience. As a rule, these are elegant thin rings without massive details, made of platinum or gold. Womens models frequently have a small central crystal or are studded with tiny gemstones all around. Mens ones, on the contrary, are restrained and solid. Of course, many guys also don't refuse precious inlays in their bridal rings - recently this trend has come into fashion and more and more often you can find paired accessories with sparkling inserts.

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Newlyweds love to engrave these important rings - the date of their happiest day, initials, love quotes or short vows. It looks very romantic and is perfect for this type of accessory. And if men don't have problems with the second decoration, then ladies still have to wonder how to properly wear a wedding ring set. Well, let's find out!

How to mix and match?

There can be only one answer that FJewellery specialists can give you - whichever you like best! There are no definite rules and everything always depends on your personal wishes. Both rings are of great value to you, and if it's very significant for you that they not only be together, but also look as harmonious as possible, then a couple of tips.

You have only three elements to build on:

  • metal,
  • gems,
  • general style.

The style of wedding rings is supposed in advance - a couple usually chooses them together, and at this stage it's worth thinking about future combinations.

Many ladies prefer to use the same metals in this jewelry, but even if you really like a ring made of gold of a different shade, this is not a problem. Different colours of metal will look very original on one finger and add exclusivity to such a kit.

The most traditional stone for these accessories is a diamond, but your desire is always more important! If you really love some other gem - don't be afraid to buy a marriage ring with it. This will add more brightness and vibrancy to your bridal set, and it will delight you every time your eyes fall on your hand.

It won't be difficult to assemble a set of jewellery in the same style - in the collection of each well-known brand there are a lot of interesting models from the most popular classics to something more non-standard. A mix of two designs also looks exceptional - this will become a real highlight of your wedding set!

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Also, there are no any rules on which hand to wear such jewellery on - you can combine them on one hand or separate and wear each on different fingers. Everyone has their own priorities, and here it's significant not to imitate anyone and not try to repeat the option seen in the picture in a fashion magazine, but to rely on your own tastes.

As for combinations with other decorations, everything is also simple here. You can assemble your kit from anything, for example:

In the FJewellery catalogue you can not only pick up the ideal rings for the most essential event, but find other accessories you are interested in at a very nice price! We are waiting - Welcome!

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