Jewellery Buying Secrets

Jewellery Buying Secrets

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The choice of a precious accessory should always be approached responsibly and deliberately. It will be easier to find a gift for yourself, but if you buy jewellery as a present for another person, you need to take into account many details in advance. Let's figure out what you need to pay attention to first, and then you can independently find the perfect accessorise in the "FJewellery" store, and you will definitely not be mistaken in your choice!

5 tips & tricks when shopping for jewellery in-store

You surely know what you want by buying accessorise for yourself. But if you are looking for jewellery as a gift, you need to clarify the preferences of the recipient in advance.

Here's what you need to know

  • a kind of decoration,
  • type and colour of metal,
  • precious stones-inserts - are they necessary or not,
  • if we are talking about rings, it is advisable to know the exact size.

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Clarify all the nuances - you will be able to make the most perfect gift! And if in doubt, it's better to choose a universal piece of jewellery that will always be appropriate and suitable for anyone:

Moving on. There must be a tag that the manufacturer attaches to the decoration with a special seal. It shows all the main characteristics: properties of metal and precious stones, weight and size.

First, always check the manufacturer's brand and sample. If you do not see these prints on metal, it’s best not to buy such a product, as it may turn out to be a fake.

If you choose a piece with precious stones, it’s important to make sure of their authenticity.

The tag should include the following information

  • the number of gemstones,
  • what group of minerals they belong to,
  • colour,
  • carat (the weight),
  • the type and quality of the cut,
  • stone clarity class.

Carefully check all these data, and if you are in doubt about something, consult with the seller and check with him all the details you don't understand.
When choosing earrings, be sure to check the clasp. It should close tightly, but also open without much effort. If possible, try them on - the lock should not put pressure on the earlobe and create other discomfort. Consider also the weight of the earrings - they should not be heavy.

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You should also check the clasp on bracelets, necklaces and chains. The lock should open and close freely and not get stuck. Therefore, the best way to choose a product is to try it on. Then you will be sure if it suits you or if it's worth looking at something else.

And of course, always shop in trusted stores that care about their reputation and product quality. In such shops, experienced consultants will always come to your aid and help you make the right choice. For example, in the "FJewellery" store, we are very attentive to our customers and always ready to make concessions. We can even offer you a 14-day return if you have a desire to return or exchange an item. Enjoy your shopping!

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