Jewellery care rules

Jewellery care rules

Jewellery care

Absolutely every item deserves careful treatment, and precious accessorise are no exception. In order for them to always shine the same way as on the day of purchase, and delight everyone with their beauty, they need proper care and timely cleaning. When you buy an accessory on the "FJewellery" website, you will receive a comprehensive guide on how to properly handle it. And in this article, we have collected several universal life hacks that will help you preserve your new jewellery and restore the lost shine to the rest.

How to keep jewellery sparkling

Each decoration can deform over time, fade, get dirty, scratches or abrasions can appear on it. To prevent this from happening, you need:

1. Take off the decoration before:

  • swimming in an open pond, pool or bath;
  • visit to the sauna or spa;
  • how to fall asleep;
  • playing sports;
  • cleaning or gardening;
  • visiting a beautician.

2. Avoid contact of jewellery with:

  • decorative and care cosmetics, deodorants, essential oils, medicines, perfumes;
  • acetone, chlorine, mercury, sulfur and iodine;
  • aggressive detergents and powders;
  • caustic stain removers and bleaches.

3. Can also be harmful:

  • x-ray and ultraviolet radiation;
  • abrasive substances (scrubs, sand, chalk);
  • nail files for manicure;
  • pumice,
  • sandpaper.

4. To store jewellery, use:

  • special cases;
  • soft cloth bags;
  • in a box with soft upholstery and separate cells.

5. In addition, precious accessorise should be protected from:

  • exposure to sunlight;
  • dust;
  • strong heat;
  • excessive moisture.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your metal and gemstones looking perfect for a long time. But what if the jewellery is already slightly stained and how to return it to its purity and shine? This can be done at home and without special suction devices. The most important thing is to strictly follow all the recommendations.

How to clean gold

How to care for silver

If the contamination isn't very strong, it's enough to wipe the silver metal with a soft cloth. A simple cotton pad will work too, but it should be moistened with alcohol first. You can also use medical or eyeglass wipes.

However, if this method does not work, leave the accessory in soapy water (1 hour) or ammonia (30 minutes). The water should be slightly lukewarm, but not hot. It is best to use baby soap to create a mild solution, but if you don't have one on hand, a shower gel cream will do. After the procedure, the product must be dried with a cloth or paper napkin. For additional cleaning, you can use regular cotton swabs, silicone sponge or a soft toothbrush, or use a suede or flannel cloth for polishing.

How to clean gold

For this, a solution of ammonia with water or a simple soap foam is suitable. Don't keep the metal in the solution for too long - the optimal time is up to 20 minutes.

It's good to remove dirt from gold accessorise without inserts using a saline solution. You'll need regular table salt in the amount of three tablespoons and hot water. In such a solution, the product must be left for several hours. It's safe and won't damage metal. After that, rinse well under running water and dry thoroughly.

Finally, don't forget to buff your decorating with any soft cloth. This will help remove any remaining moisture and give it a shine.

A few general cleaning tips

Never use any cleaning powder, vinegar, or toothpaste. This can harm both the metal itself and the precious stones.

If you aren't sure that the gem is securely fixed, don't use ammonia, hot water or brushes. Although it will not harm high-quality stones.

Pearl jewellery can only be cleaned with a soap suds, soft napkin and warm water, as other substances can damage the mother-of-pearl layer.

If the accessory has rubber or genuine leather inserts, don't wet it or use cleaning agents. Only dry suede wipes are used to care for them.

If you often wear this or that accessory, then once a year it is worth contacting a jeweller. The specialist will be able to professionally polish and clean the product, check the fastening reliability of the gemstones and, if necessary, apply a new protective layer of rhodium. And of course, buy only high-quality accessorise in trusted stores, where you will be provided with all the necessary guarantees and certificates about the quality and authenticity of products. If you have any questions, you can contact the specialists of the "FJewellery" store, and get comprehensive advice and a lot of useful advice on the selection and care of jewellery. Let these decorations delight you with their beauty for a long time.

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