Jewellery: pre-owned or new?

Jewellery: pre-owned or new?

Pre-owned jewelry

Surely everyone has heard about the new contemporary trend - conscious consumption. More and more people are beginning to abandon impulsive and thoughtless purchases in favor of thoughtful and necessary things. Thanks to this, vintage shops and similar online resources have become very popular. Just such a store is FJewellery, which sells both new and secondhand accessorise. There are many different products for sale on the secondary market, but for some reason, buying used jewellery is not particularly in demand. Let's figure out why this happens and immediately dispel the long-standing myths.

Used jewellery vs. new jewellery: what are the pros & cons?

There are a number of persistent prejudices that keep people from purchasing used earrings, chains, etc. Here is some of them:

  • negative energy of things,
  • the product may be fake,
  • it is not prestigious,
  • such decorations look worse than new ones,
  • etc.

Many people think that buying antique necklaces, wristbands or rings - they also get the energy of the former owner. Is it so? Guaranteed - no! Equally, we can say that new accessories absorb the energy of the jeweller who created them. In addition, precious decorations are often created from recycled materials - gold in different ligatures is melted down to create a new piece of jewellery. It is important to understand that every piece of jewellery that goes to the store is carefully processed. It's washed, cleaned and polished. In fact, it becomes sterile and looks just like new. Therefore, you can safely purchase antique jewellery and aren't afraid of a bad aura or any negative energy.

Used jewellery

When buying pre-owned accessorise, you may be worried that they will turn out to be counterfeit

Especially if you buy from a private seller. New jewellery sold on specialized Internet sites or in official retail stores always has a manufacturer's label with a factory seal. This tag contains all the information about the product. In addition, there must always be a sample on the metal itself. If the jewellery is made by a private jeweller, it will also bear the stamp of the master-maker. But what about vintage items? Of course, you can always take such a product to the workshop, where experts will carry out a full assessment and confirm the authenticity of the jewellery. But this requires free time and additional funds. And such an assessment, as a rule, is not cheap. Our advice: always buy used accessorise in trusted stores, which carry out an examination of each product in advance, and can guarantee you their quality and authenticity.

The statement that buying and wearing used jewellery is not prestigious is fundamentally wrong

Of course, the stores usually feature the newest and ultra-fashionable collections. Such accessorise are worn by the stars of show business, they are advertised in fashion magazines, and they are as accessible as possible to everyone. But, among vintage jewellery, you can find truly luxurious and rare models, which, moreover, will be in a single copy. By the way, many famous people prefer just such jewellery and even collect them.

Pre-owned jewellery

We already know that used accessorise sold in specialized stores go through very careful pre-sale processing and preparation. Therefore, the statement that their appearance is worse than that of the new ones can be safely refuted! Yes, such products usually don't look contemporary and trendy, but this is their beauty. They shouldn't look like that - after all, these are jewellery with history, and they are valuable for this very thing. There are such rare items that the cost significantly exceeds new ones, and connoisseurs of vintage jewellery are even ready to compete for them at auctions!

So, we have proved that accessorise with a history are no worse than new ones, you can safely buy and wear them with pleasure. Of course, each look should have its own accessory, because somewhere new stylish stud earrings and a laconic silver bracelet will be more appropriate. And in another situation, a vintage ring or a retro brooch will look much better. There is a whole catalogue of unique second hand jewellery awaiting you on FJewellery's website, and who knows, maybe you will find something rare?

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